The Teacher Inside

John: In yesterday’s dream (see Thick as a Brick) we see you on a path toward a wholeness (toward your home where your mother waits), but you become distracted on the way. This distraction, or deviation, causes a sense of shame or guilt in you, to the point where you can’t get close to the teacher – you want to hide – whose home you have found yourself in.

From a human perspective, we each hold the guilt of having cut ourselves off from the Divine connection, from the wholeness, that was meant for us all along.

Your dream is indicating that there’s a process by which you can come out from this hiding, or from this way you have veiled yourself, and it has to do with being found. The teacher does the “finding,” i.e., somehow you have put yourself under the guidance of the teacher.

In other words, you’ve fallen within the scope, or the domain, of a depth within you, where the teacher can reach you, but you still feel that you’ve done something wrong and you still feel the need to veil yourself. That isn’t how redemption, or grace, or forgiveness, is meant to work.

The teacher, who is actually you at a deep inner level, can’t find its way back to the wholeness that’s deeply imbedded within you, but is able to re-find you because you have come close enough in proximity that he’s able to see through that which lies in between and create the linkage by which you can then make your way back.

So what happens next?

Jeane: It’s time to go into the next room where the teacher’s wife has cooked a meal. As I go by I see her and another woman – they have plates but there’s no food on them. There’s a lamb dish with gravy and a very bright bundle of asparagus in the middle. I take out an asparagus spear. Then the dream shifts a little.

After having eaten the asparagus I go into a larger dream group to tell them of the dream. As I begin, before I get to the part with the teacher, they interrupt to ask questions or get more specific detail.

I’m aware that that will break the flow of energy, so I look out into the group (it’s important that I tell the dream) and I see you in the back. You’re sitting very tall and have a certain light to you; I know you’ll hold the energy of bringing the dream through so I can focus. Then it shifts again.

John: Here you’re describing an aspect of maturity. In other words, at the level where everything is made known, or is given, or where the teaching occurs, there’s a depth in you that has been touched in a way that opens up to a note. But it isn’t yet held complete by the whole of you.

Bringing it through, so that all parts of you can come into alignment, isn’t a matter of detail, it’s a matter of vibration. Certain parts of you are still affected by shame or veiling or a defense mechanism that disturbs the vibration from coming fully through (the disruptions from the group).

So you realize that you have to hold your attention to what’s meant to come through, which is an aspect of the masculine (you see me sitting in the back), and you have a sense inside but in order for that sense to come alive and spread and encompass and take in even more you have to hold your focus to the clarity of the Divine Will that’s within the vibration.

If you can hold your attention on that it will help you hold the note, because that’s the conversation that you have to connect with, that’s the important thing, not all the deviations that go off this way and that. If you hold that central theme, then the rest can come through for all parts of you.

That’s really what a teacher does. There are parts of us, as in the main dream image, that have become wayward and think that there’s a certain perspective or way of rising above something (the stadium) that involves going off on a tangent. This further confuses the situation or contaminates the flow of the magnetic depth trying to awaken within to pull you forward.

The teacher in your main dream carried that note, carried that quality, saw right through all of the contrivances that were founded in shame and a lack of forgiveness.

The second part of your dream changes the depiction of this feeling from shame to a sense that something isn’t able to stay focused and settled enough to catch what’s meaningful, which is the vibration. It becomes a quality of hiding, and as long as you conduct yourself like that you’ll keep yourself cut off from the deeper levels.

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