Timing is Everything

John: Yesterday’s post was basically a bridge between Jeane’s series of dreams and my dream of the same night. The intent is to show how the masculine and the feminine handle the same fundamental process of trying to connect the higher self, our inner light, to the light of Creation (as we are all designed to do).

In Jeane’s dreams (see Dream 1, Dream 2, and Dream 3), what separates her from that connection to the wholeness manifests as feelings of shame and then grief.

For me (the masculine) this same type of disconnection is represented by an inability to get the details right no matter how hard I try.

I’m holding two tickets to an upcoming Vegas show. These tickets provide me full access to everything that’s to happen, which includes an act where something rises up through the floor from below.

I don’t remember when I got these tickets. It seems like a long time ago and I don’t remember any effort involved in getting them. The two tickets are for the 05/02 show, like May 2nd or something, although I’m never sure what the 05/02 and all these numbers mean.

However, now I suddenly need three more tickets. I’m trying to acquire these tickets for the show a day earlier because I can no longer get them for the same day.

The best I can do is to get two tickets for the 03/01 show, which I take to be March 1st, but I can’t get the third ticket. Finally I find a third ticket, but it’s for the 02/01 show. I then trade that in for the 04/01 show.

I know this dream had a lot of struggle in it, trying to work things out between these tickets. My original tickets came easily and I was very particular because I wanted to have access to everything, including the mist rising up from below. I don’t think I was able to get that access with the subsequent tickets I bought; I had to settle.

What’s going on, or a sense of the meaning of the dream, is that it reveals that when I want something to happen too badly, compromises are made. You could say it that way. I mean, that’s where a person goes off on a tangent in their mental nature, trying to force an outcome. It also becomes a tangent when it’s not originally meant to be there, or if we’re not quite there (ready) yet. It’s indicating that a part of me is still astray.

When a part of us is still astray, our timing is off. We tend to short circuit, in a way, and it’s a form of disconnection from the vital aspects needed to receive the full effect, or the effect that’s most appropriate in a given moment. We try to make it make sense.

In the dream the best I can do is settle: I rationalize that I do have tickets that provide me with an overall coverage for what I need. I’m telling myself this spiritual illusion, even though I know that some dates are missing. Something isn’t going to work if I’ve had to give up a crucial part of what’s to take place (the mist rising through the floor).

The tickets for 05/02 are a given. They’re going to work. It’s destined and there was no effort in it being established. It’s pretty much ordained. In other words, 05/02 is when everything comes together.

Sure, I would have liked that to be so for the other three tickets, but try as I might it wasn’t meant to be at this time. The most I can do is cover the whole month of March and April with an aspect but it’s not until 05/02 when fate brings it all through effortlessly. Until then, I try. 

The deeper meaning is revealed in the key element that’s missing: the light rising up to touch the light on 05/02, where the tickets give me access to something coming up through the floor and going up. On the other dates, as much as I would like to believe that that’s going to be possible, I have the sense that it’s just not ready to be.

What I’m describing is the responsibility of working toward such a reality. It’s a responsibility with a focus and attention, but I bang my head and everything else and come to know in this dream that things just aren’t quite right except for the two tickets on 05/02 where it’s all possible.

The other tickets can only catch up with the longing for this to be. That’s the best that they can do at this time because the timing for what is destined to be – in an effortless way – is not yet at hand.

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