The Full Reflection

Jeane: The way I dreamed last night was similar to the way you dream, i.e., I had a dream, then I drifted, and then I went back into the dream and got more information. I don’t usually do that like you do. 

In the dream I’m looking at an open-weave basket, which is a color between copper and bronze – almost a deep brown. It’s big and made out of metal. It has something to do with access to the casinos.

That’s the image I see initially.

Later in the night I dreamed more about the basket, but in the images immediately following, I’m a woman who has met a man who appears to still be living with his parents. He’s also hiding our relationship from them.

When I first met him I would do things. I had a huge rope I could swing across a space and go way up in the air and come back down. Then I would do things to encourage him.

For instance, he had to give a speech at a university. Most people delivered canned speeches, and every year he would read his little talk, which was in support of some event. People even made fun of him for always reading it. I encouraged him to just speak it and it would turn out better.

Then I fell asleep again and I started getting more information on the whole scenario. The basket had to do with two girls I met. One of them was a single mom and, if I gave the basket to her, it would give her access to something more.

In the relationship to the guy, the information that I was given when I initially met him was that he was trying to hide the relationship, but the people from the neighborhood could see though that.

He would keep me in a car or he would hide me in the house when his family was out. When I first met him we were in an alleyway and people from the neighborhood came by – they’re all different nationalities and they were walking in a parade.

He then gets into the parade and starts walking on stilts. When people get into a pushing match, he does something goofy that becomes as outrageous as what they’re doing.  

I become aware that one of the reasons he’s hiding me is that his family had pushed him into becoming a catholic priest. He wasn’t considering that anymore but, of course, he would have to hide a relationship.

I want him to come out with the relationship, or get married, and he’s still struggling with that.

John: The dreaming is unusual in that most dreams have images relating to a sequence of events that are occurring in the outer (waking life), but are aspected in a slightly different format in that they are reflective of something on the inner.

But as you described these images, I found myself using the term “as above, so below.” In other words, how a thing is below (outer) is how it is above (inner). Or, the outer is just a reflection of the inner, and the key to understanding what’s really going on is to recognize that, in relationship to what’s opened up. So to begin with, you have a basket, and what are those baskets for?

Jeane: It’s a copper or metallic basket and it’s just open, and it gives access to the casino. Later I see that it helps this girl who’s a single mom. It gives her more.

John: In other words, the first image shows “how it is,” in terms of the outer. So, we’re in Vegas, and the basket is something that, in the outer, can give access to the casinos.

Jeane: Right.

John: And then in the second image, which relates to the inner, it enables you to see more or to be more in terms of the whole, right?

Then you have the quality where something is kept hidden and it’s kept hidden in a way that you feel cloistered somehow in the outer, i.e., it’s hidden but everybody knows.

So what’s occurring in the outer, where something is kept hidden, is not how it really is on the inner. Why do you suppose that is?

Jeane: I don’t know.

John: Well, I think you answered it. First it serves a purpose, or serves toward a recognition of where a person is, so it’s describing something that on an inner level would be more dynamic and fully together, but on the outer – given the circumstances of things – you can’t quite bring the inner into the outer because there are aspects that may or may not be valid, which seem to prevent it from being able to just come forth.

Jeane: I think it (the masculine) needs more confidence, that’s why.

John: So it needs more confidence. In other words, it’s insecure. It doesn’t quite have the clarity – on an energetic level – to carry the day in the outer.

Jeane: Plus the masculine has been separated from the feminine for a long time.

John: That’s right, the masculine’s been separated from the feminine for too long, so it can’t bring through the full reflection. That means that it’s an image that has to do with an imbalance in the masculine.

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