Time and Space

Jeane: I lost a lot of the main part of this dream – I just remember the end.

I’m in a multilevel building. I do counseling on the ground floor. There’s a couple, with their children, who really want to see me, but the only appointment available is with another woman. She’s out sick, so I pop up and offer to see them. 

I just have to find an empty room to see them in. I make sure that when I see the couple that I round up their kids, too. It just seems important to see them. The dream also indicated that if I counseled these people, it would lead to some keys becoming available.

John: The ideas behind these images have to do with how one relates to the outer (world), so that that which is intertwined is able to come through. In other words, there’s naturalness to everything, and the naturalness starts with the outer (planet) because that’s what we’re in. We can’t bring through the clarity of an intertwined linkage, or create a connection, if we have to hide things or if we have to maintain ourselves as something separate, thinking that that gives us security.

So the theme here has to do with penetrating, or reaching beyond, the natural barriers that exist. Doing so enables a greater part of who we are to come into aliveness.

In your dream, you’re working with time and place. The timing is such that, under ordinary circumstances, the family would be seeing the other counselor. That would put them on a separate tangent in terms of how this part of you would be trying to figure out how to understand what’s going on.

In other words, under normal timing that connection isn’t possible. But here the other counselor (also you) is sick, so you have found a different place (empty room) for you to meet, because something intends for you to connect in some way (you sensed the urgency of their need).

So something in you has agreed to let something go so this connection is possible. You’re agreeing in the dream to see them in terms of how they are and who they are. You’re agreeing and recognizing that you need to breakthrough the difference in the space, and that you have to pull the timing together in order to facilitate a free flow or intertwining that’s meant to occur.

What you’re supposed to be doing in this dream is recognizing the vibration of what it’s like to be more open in a way that enables the inner to naturally come through you into outer life.

The way people do this ordinarily, meaning conceptually, is that they think they have to present themselves as holding a certain position in terms of how they are, and they present it as distinct or different from anyone else. And they do hold it to be distinct and separate. They see themselves, and have identified themselves, in a distinct and separate way.

As long as we do that in our outer lives, it means we’re doing the same thing in terms of our inner consciousness. We have to be able to appreciate everything in the environment around us for how it is, and what it is, in order to connect with our inner in terms of how the inner truly is.

As long as we see the outer, the world beyond our skin, as having all these areas of differentiation, those differentiations put in place veils that limit our understanding. Then we are forced to interact with the veils – the separation – and not the interconnections behind them.

Therefore we can’t break through the time and space differential. Then we don’t allow the communication from the other side to naturally permeate through, and we don’t catch up with the Oneness. We don’t catch up with the naturalness and there isn’t a free flow.

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