More Naturally Natural

John: The thread from yesterday’s dream (see Time and Space) is interesting in light of our shift from the northwest to Vegas. What Vegas represents, more than almost any other place, is the removal of a kind of tightness (which generally translates into lack of inhibition).

In the northwest, perhaps due to the weather and the rain, etc, people hold themselves in a more separate way, and they struggle to maintain that sense of separation. It’s like that, too, in harsher environments even further north.

But Vegas as a place does, for whatever reason, accommodate what’s in the surrounding environment. Maybe it has to do with the naturalness of the sunshine. However you might describe it, it has reached some accommodation.

Thus, what goes on here can reach some sort of zenith, in terms of its expression, because there isn’t the clear-cut rejection or dampening of a process. It’s a much more naturally evolving process and, because of that, it allows for the intertwining between person and place, and between inner and outer.

It’s cute to make the statement “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” because somehow or other, when we go back home, we feel the need to put back on all of the veils again, and all of the separation, and all of the mannerisms that have to do with how we see ourselves in life – in a separate and unique capacity.

Being in Vegas is like stepping outside those barriers, for a moment in time. Actually, as I spend more time here, I realize that I communicate differently. I don’t hide things about myself as much as I do in the Pacific Northwest. I allow myself to be more open and social because I don’t sense that people are involved in the usual pigeonholing that goes on elsewhere.

Here, people have learned to flow more naturally. In the Pacific Northwest, you have to hold your cards close to your chest because everything is, in an outer capacity, weaponized. In Vegas, it is what it is. Therefore, if you’re open, you can find a free flow more easily, more readily, and you can intertwine with people more naturally by just being who you are.

When we allow our true selves freedom, then other qualities inside us (ones closer to who we really are) are able to communicate without us having to say anything. It just occurs.

In the northwest, it doesn’t work that way. There will be a moment of contrast, followed by a light-bulb moment where something can pop through the contrast. It’s as if you have to shake or jar things loose.

In Vegas, you just try to go along with the flow and you’ll find that the other just happens naturally, in its intertwined mannerism, because the atmosphere accommodates it. It’s interesting to be able to see that.

You were dreaming about reconciling some quality or characteristic, in a way that’s open and receptive to seeing people who were not on the schedule, who were, on some level, meant to be taken care of by someone else. So in your dream you’re realizing that you’re not bound by the usual time and space parameters that you usually adopt.

Was there more?

Jeane: Just this last image: Before we started going over our dreams I had an image where I was standing to the side of a walkway. It seemed like a walkway in one of the casinos. It wasn’t like I saw gambling, but I saw the carpeted hallway.

I’m standing to the side and I glance over and a small yellow sports car, like a Mini Cooper, is coming past me down the carpeted walkway and it has a license plate that says “Bismillah.”

John: What’s that mean?

Jeane: It’s an Arabic term. I think it’s: “In the name of Allah,” or “In the name of God.”

John: So it’s a type of letting go, or personal surrender, isn’t it?

And it’s the opposite of what occurs when people encounter something different and distinct in, say, the northwest (as a contrast to the Vegas environment.) They tend to be upset by it, or angered by it, or disturbed by it. That’s usually the first reaction.

Here in Vegas people tend to just let things drop, because otherwise they could be overwhelmed by all the energy and the over-the-top nature of things happening around them. People in Vegas realize that what’s happening all over the place just is what it is. They don’t need to hide from it.

To a degree people do cloister themselves here, but not as the dominant expression. The dominant expression is one that enables a person to be more naturally natural, as opposed to trying to figure out how to be natural. In that sense, something great is possible here that we don’t see in other places.

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