The Octave of the Times

Jeane: One thing I’ll mention is that in recent dreams and last night, the color yellow seems to be cropping up. I’ve seen a yellow car and, in one of the dreams last night the whole scene is yellow – it’s the background to everything.

At the beginning of the dreaming and continuing throughout, I seem to be living very communally. I live and work in the same setting.

In the first dream I’m living and working back East, but I know I’m going to be moving more towards the western states. I suddenly realize that some of the people in the house I live in are concerned with the way things are changing. They’re worried whether they’ll still have their jobs. They think I’m safe because I have an education, or perhaps I was in a supervisory position. 

It’s assumed that if jobs are tight, supervisors can always bump down into jobs below them. I’m just listening because part of me knows that I’m planning on moving out West, so I just want to be respectful and listen to the concerns of others.

But to me, if the whole group is working on the issue of there being enough jobs, I don’t see it as a real concern because I think the group will help take care of it – but I don’t really know.

That’s the first scenario.

John: This coincides with the opening up of all the different levels that exist in life. They’re coming into recognition. They’re coming alive.

Your dream shows a perception or a viewpoint gained by looking at things from the standpoint of Creation. You’re looking at things that are going through a shakeup in Creation. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the inner’s coming through, yet, but to some degree that’s the object and the intent.

Of course when something does come through from the inner, then it’s going to change things in the outer. So that’s what you’re looking at in this image: change in the outer. What your dream is suggesting, or implying, is that when there’s a change in terms of how things flow, everything gets thrown up in the air and nothing maintains its usual setness because it has all come into question.

Jeane: In this next image I don’t know if I’ve moved out West yet, or if I’m still in some in-between state of change. I’m in a house again, and Tom Cruise is there with everyone. There seem to be a number of couples there, but Tom Cruise is goofing off and has high energy like he did in his early years.

Then he makes a comment about his brother and I realize his brother doesn’t live in a house. He may even be in jail or some other scenario. A woman nearby makes a comment making fun of his brother.

I look in my mind’s eye and see the brother in a cell or jail situation. He’s taken some water and he’s swishing it around on the floor in a certain pattern, but with a certain energy too. I tell the woman that she shouldn’t underestimate Tom Cruise’s brother because, even though he’s in a completely different situation, just the fact that he’s Tom Cruise’s brother may mean that he has a certain talent or flair that other people might not have.

John: What was the brother like?

Jeane: He might have been in jail or in a very limited economic position such as working at a garage, but to me that didn’t matter because he could do something with the energy just based on who he was.

John: You’re coming to see in this dream that there’s really no difference between appearances; that the line that separates things is a very thin line indeed.

Again, this is about looking at the levels in life. And the key is to be able to be all things, i.e., to go all the way from the bottom to the top (the brother and Tom Cruise) and not have to live within a certain criteria or limited paradigm of one’s self.

The first dream indicates that the times around you are such that in the outer everything is astir – more people without jobs and all kinds of things changing.

In the second dream you’re indicating that you need to pay attention to all of it. You need to recognize and realize that this is just the octave of the times. In the past, you may have lived in a way in which you might have been receptive to things, but now you’re living in a period of time in which everything around you, from top to bottom, requires that attention be paid to it. 

Tom Cruise may have been at the top at some point, and his brother may not have been so fortuitous, but you have to look at things from top to bottom. Things go on and there isn’t anything that disassociates itself from anything else in a distinguishable manner.

Technically the schematic of all of this is one and the same. The variability from top to bottom is much more obvious when the levels are all set astir, which is the period of time that we live in now. You’re seeing this, and you’re looking at this in terms of outer images, but the outer images are a reflection of what’s occurring in an inner way.

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