The Connected State

John: So, isn’t that a strange dream (see yesterday’s post, A Perception of Depth)? It shows a glimpse into the hidden levels that are available to us when we connect to our surroundings beyond our five senses (on an inner level), and then shows how all these hidden levels vary in accessibility depending on our personal state of consciousness.

It’s said that when things are really disturbed and shaken up in the outer world that generally what’s behind it is a degree of consciousness that’s waking up (the Sixties, for example), and when everything is stable and set and ordered, that consciousness is generally asleep.

So when things are carrying on like they are in the world today, it’s as if there’s a type of consciousness awakening in people. But from the denser perspective – which is our material world, egocentric viewpoint – we usually come from, we tend to think that upheaval implies that things are breaking down, and that results in an even greater denseness – a sleepwalking state of (un) consciousness.

In other words, something energetically is trying to snap us awake, or to switch something on, so that we are able to access a much greater sense of knowingness. This greater knowingness is astir on the other side (the unseen, energetic worlds) and what we see as turmoil in the world is its reflection manifesting through us. Something is meant to change, but we don’t consciously know what it is.

In the dream, when I noticed these deeper levels and tried to pay attention to them, they would dissipate. What this is saying is that the intangible knowing can’t be controlled by us, or made “ours” – it needs to be brought through into life without our changing it.

We must try to carry such insight through to the ground level (waking life), but to do so requires bringing the intangible into the outer. The closer we get to the outer life, from this state of knowing, the more we start to see everything in terms of separation, which makes the knowing harder to hold onto.

So, the intangible…  I love the sensation of how it reveals itself in some small and fleeting way. Yet because we still can’t help but see ourselves as separate from everything else in Creation, the transition into life doesn’t go smoothly – it gets interrupted.

When we lose the necessary focus and awareness, we lose the connection. The dream is indicating that my inner awareness (what is available to me as a knowing) varies depending upon the depth within. As I come back into the outer world of the senses – the image of waking up and going to breakfast – I realize I’m moving slower again relative to the others.

But when I try to regain the state of awareness (by writing it down) I’m able to feel myself faster than the others because they were being indulgent in the outer state – making small talk, disturbing me, etc. So we can see how these depth levels move back and forth depending on our connection.

An even deeper meaning is that this state of awareness cannot be fully taken in by our denser state, no matter how much we try – the connected state can’t coexist with with our state of separation. The awareness of the inner must be such that both the inner and outer can be embodied simultaneously.

If they can be embodied simultaneously, it would lead to a greater state of seeing and hearing. Then we would have insight into how and why things are changing in the outer world. In other words, we would be part of a process of both recognizing it, and enabling it to come into existence.

But try as I might in the dream, my efforts fell short. I lost it and was no longer aware of what I’d lost. Then instead of seeing the Real, I see only the reflections.

So this is a description of going up (inner) and down (outer), and trying to bring something higher back into the physical. I dreamed half of that process because I couldn’t bring the awareness completely through. There’s something more going on, and we just have to connect to that innate sense.

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