Something Happens

Jeane: My dream starts out at a dance. It’s the end of high school and everyone is going to go their own way. My boyfriend and a friend of his are going to be joining the Army and they’ll be deployed the next day, although they’ve arranged to be deployed locally.

I go over to his house to see him that night and then I leave. I’m going to go back the next morning. His whole family will be there.

Well, when I start back the next morning, I find myself out in a desert area, in an arroyo that doesn’t have any water in it anymore. There’s a high bank near me, but I spot an area where the dirt has collapsed, so I start climbing up that.

Then I see where someone has stuck a pen and a few other things into the dirt to create a handhold and some footholds. I’m able to get to the point where I can reach my hands up on top of the bank and pull myself up.  

I go to his house but everyone has already left and the house is empty. I walk up to the sink and see one or two dishes and I just start washing them. The house is filled with quite a bit of light.

Next, a poor Mexican family comes to the door with their children, but I realize I can’t help them because the house is empty and there doesn’t seem to be anything in it. All I can do is point them in a direction that they can go. Then I go outside.

At that point there’s a shift in the dream.

John: You’re describing a setup where something happens, i.e., this young man is going into the service or being deployed. I kept listening to determine if this event is a good thing or a bad thing and, in and of itself, it’s not either one.

The thing that’s missing, however, is a certain perspective, or way of hearing, or catching up with something. That’s what doesn’t come through. You’re the person who’s being deployed and yet, at the same time, you’re also the person who shows up too late.

In other words, you don’t quite have the opportunity to make the connection because the part of you that would be able to look at the bigger picture doesn’t have access to the memo. It just isn’t coming through, or you’re unable to catch up with it.

As a consequence, the dream raises the issue, or points out, that things have to be turned away (the Mexican family). If you had gotten there a moment earlier – when the boy and his family were still there and you could have established a linkage – then other things that were ready and able to ensue from that point could have tied in or connected with that.

Instead, because you were late, there’s a whole sequence of events that was dropped or lost as a consequence of that connection not being made. Said another way, something was left empty, from your perspective, when trying to make that shift and then to get there on time.

And there are further ramifications because after you arrive late to the empty house, you also have to turn away the family who came to the door for help. So there’s a cascade, or repetition, of missed connections that continue to play out.

That’s what’s happening in your dream.

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