A Second Chance

John: The dream you described yesterday (see Something Happens), was about having access to a guidance, or a grace, that enables a person to get the memo, i.e., to make a connection with the higher self, which, in turn, is connected with Creation. The imagery showed you missing that connection.

My dream touched on that theme as well, though I don’t remember the full details. But my sense of it was that I end up advocating for a person to be given a second chance. I feel that if they’re given a second chance, their decision could be different – perhaps something will give them more openness or a degree of receptivity. That way they won’t have to make certain mistakes that others have made.

I find myself advocating that there has to be a way, because of the fact that such reflection works for me. I feel there has to be a way to provide this insight to others, so that they can have a better opportunity to come forward with an insight from within. The human race in general could use a second chance in the sense of what it has decided is important in life.

But would the human race take advantage of that second chance? I’m a realist, and I know from experience that when people, or a person, get set in their thinking, they’ve pretty well made up their mind for good.

In your dream, the boyfriend has enlisted in the service and is being deployed the next day. Even a second chance at that kind of decision usually isn’t going to make a difference.

So second chances don’t always change anything. We’d like to think they do because we might see how they have benefited us at some point in our lives. But lessons often need to be learned individually. As a result, a person may end up having to go through some trauma or major event in their life in order for them to finally get the memo they need to get.

Your dream is setting up an event like that – it’s the big dance, it’s the night before everything changes. It’s implying and suggesting that, since you’re everyone in the dream, that you’ve gone off on an adventure (the desert area) and you’re doing it in such a way that there’s a setness in your nature that has created a veil (you’re struggling in the river bed). That veil prevents you from catching up with and hearing what could be heard (you’re too late for the family gathering).

You’re depicting something in which that linkage and that connection is askew, because the dream is about being able to shift into these other (inner) levels of inflection. It’s almost like you’re using reverse psychology on yourself, because you have this boy (you) entering the service, and your attitude seems neutral – you state it as a fact without emotion attached.

Yet deep down, you may realize that enlisting is a pretty harsh choice for someone to make. And that’s perhaps why you chose that image as it implies some rigidity.

But in the end, you don’t arrive in time to see yourself off. The connections are missed, and instead of being energetically graced, i.e., easily getting where you needed to go, you have found yourself alone and unable to help (the other parts of you).

The optimistic way of looking at this is sometimes we just need more time to grow up, which is like saying that we learn best through the school of hard knocks. Unfortunately we don’t seem to learn best through the school-of-stretching-something-out to envelop more.

We always seem to need for something dramatic to get our attention in order to make a shift or a transition in our lives. Otherwise, no matter how many times “opportunity” knocks on our door, we’re just not going to answer it.

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