You Have My Full Attention

Jeane: The dream shifts and it feels like I’m heading to a woman’s house. I’m supposed to go there because she has a man coming by who’s shy and has never made love before; I’m supposed to make love with him (for the first two parts of this discussion, see Something Happens, and A Second Chance).

The woman tells me that in order to do this, I have to have a certain amount of anonymity; I’m supposed to put on a specific outfit and wear goggles that will disguise my face. I put on a long apron that goes around the neck and ties in back; it’s blue. Then I put on a dark blue halter top.  

I have put the halter top on over the apron, but she instructs me to put it on under the apron. Then she takes me into a room where there’s a table. I guess we’re supposed to make love on the table.

The man comes in and he’s older and very skinny. He must be about 40.

John: And you’re about 20 years old?

Jeane: Yes, I’m probably about 20. He’s skinny, or wiry, and a little bit shy. Another man has come in and he seems to be observing. I’ve also seen other people come in that are starting to dress like I’m dressed, so this must be a house where people come for this purpose.

Meanwhile I’ve taken the man by the hand, but I feel like the other man in the room is having an inhibiting effect, so I want him to leave.

Then, a man drives up to the front of the house in an Army Jeep. He blasts the house with what feels like an atomic blast. The whole place fills with white light.

Afterwards, it seems the man – whose hand I’m still holding – and I are the only ones left. We look around and appear to be okay, except I notice that our feet have been flattened a little and the sides are a bit black. I don’t feel any pain, though.

We go outside and everything is really bright. I see that the Jeep is empty and turned on its side on some concrete; the driver must have blown himself up.

The next thing I know the two of us are in the balcony of a theater sitting among other people. We look over at the side wall and there’s a little hut where the roof has caved in. A light is flickering like there’s an electrical problem.

The people around us are waiting for someone to come and fix it, but we realize that those people might not be around anymore. He and I think we can go over there and figure out how to fix it, and that’s when the dream ends.

John: So, you’ve filled in the pieces from the earlier part of the dream. In other words, you’re pointing out that in order to get this additional access or awakening, it involves a type of kundalini energy.

From the perspective of the outer, kundalini energy arises in the guise of something sexual. But it can then cause you to develop a deeper connection, or a better linkage, so that you can see your way about and around and through things.

Kundalini energy is said to be one-third on this side, and two-thirds on the “other” side. That can provide a connection that enables us to distinguish a little better, because we’re be moving into a vibration that contains insight or knowing.

As I indicated in my dreaming, I’ve come to realize, generally, that when a person is blocked and they’re reaching for something, ideas and guidance can come to them as if to try to get them to wake up. But these signals are really impulses from within, and they can often be too subtle to get our attention because we are so caught up or distracted by our ego-centric view of life.

In that way, we don’t get the memo. And under those circumstances, the only thing that can happen to get our attention is something shocking. That often means we have to go through a certain pain or suffering in order to have the inner process we need to awaken. So your dream incorporates that in the form of an atomic blast that turns everything topsy turvy.  

So in the first images you were detoured on your journey to see the soldier off – you missed the connection. Now the soldier has returned with a atomic blast to get your full attention.

Very interesting. We’ll dig a little deeper into this thread tomorrow.

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