Is Anybody Listening?

John: To continue where we left off (see You Have My Full Attention), a soldier, who appeared in an earlier part of the dream, has returned – with an atomic blast to get your attention.

An atomic blast can be seen as the last option for waking you from your sleep state. More subtle forms of getting your attention have failed, and so some form of shock is required to help you acknowledge something, or help you make a necessary change in the way you’ve been going on.

However, your dream also indicates that everything is intertwined, and because things are intertwined, it doesn’t just shock the person, but it has the same dramatic effect upon the rest of life as a whole. The shock hits on both macrocosmic and microcosmic levels simultaneously in order to try to cause a shift in the whole.

It begs the argument, of course, that if the earlier, more subtle signals, had been acknowledged, then things might have shifted through opening up a greater receptivity and greater insight. The process of opening up touches and accesses the grace or forgiveness or insightfulness that has been missing. Then such a great shock isn’t required because the memo has been received and acted upon.

In your dream, some part of you is shown as not getting an important memo (you missed the family event). Consequently, you trudge off into the service and any insight that could have been gained by making the connection (getting there on time) wasn’t able to come through. That deepens your trance-like state, requiring the atomic blast to try to get you back on track.

In thinking about this imagery, I can’t help but conclude that it isn’t just describing you on an inner level, it’s also describing the way things are in the outer life.

In terms of something awakening in the human race, it depends on how caught up people are in the old world order of things. Things are shifting and changing, but are people getting that message, or ignoring it? If they ignore it, as the dream shows, they could be in for a shock. There could be some major catharsis because most people are so self-indulgent and ego-centric that they see only the world as it revolves around them. But in these times, we have to be able to take into account a larger perspective of things.

So we need to embrace the change and be open to it. That requires that we stop seeing events in life as either a personal gain or a personal loss. It’s the idea of being turned toward God or turned away from God. If we are turned toward God, we can accept the changes and understand that there’s a greater reason behind them. If we’re turned away from God, we may have to suffer some calamity to helps us get the memo.

To learn to embrace whatever happens as being what’s meant to be, or intended, requires that we reach a certain depth inside of us that doesn’t perceive everything in terms of good or bad.

There are a whole lot of people who believe that the next step in this process is that the world will end in fire and brimstone – it is 2012 after all. And many wise people have indicated that things could have unfolded differently, but there’s a certain shake up that’s going to have to happen now. We’ve gone past the interval where a certain element of grace could have made a difference.

In your dream you indicated just such harsh consequences. The atomic blast affected the whole thing, all the way through. The person in the Jeep was gone, and the vehicle itself – which in a dream represents the thing that helps you function in life – was also blown up. Nothing escaped the effect.

So you portrayed what could be the direst of consequences. The hope is always found in the answer God gave in reply to the question, “Do you pray?” God answered, “Yes, of course I pray. I pray that my mercy will be greater than my wrath.”

Mercy is an element of the closeness and intimacy and alignment with Creation. And wrath can be understood as the level of shock that’s required to wake us from our sleeping state so that we can embrace that closeness and alignment. The hope is to create a transition whereby a person can wake up, and they can get the memo, before it’s too late.

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