A State of Grace

John: In my dream I find that I’ve escaped from some people who were holding me prisoner. I hope I don’t get shot in the back trying to get away. Fortunately, I’m able to twine myself into a thick underbrush or thicket of trees, so I’m able to lose them.  

Then I seem to be with a person who’s a bit scattered and seems to be drunk. Still, he’s extremely resourceful. He knows how to make the most out of the environment we’re in. In the thicket there’s a pond and he starts to cross it. There’s a layer of something frozen, but it isn’t actually ice – it’s rubbery and muddy. It looks like we could cross over it, but actually you can sink through this layer.

I yell to him: “Look out!,” so he comes back to shore. He doesn’t really acknowledge what a close call it was. Instead, he’s excited because he’s eager to see how he can overcome and use this substance in some new way.

The we proceed. We come to a place where we go through a secret access corridor that opens up into a lounge area that sits above the thicket of little trees. No one on the ground could find us up there.

The dream then shifts to a place on the edge of the thicket where it’s starting to seem louder and my friend needs to retrieve some tickets or something for us. He has access to a door at the edge of the thicket that goes to the other side and he’s able to bring back what we need.

It’s as if only part of him splits away: he’s still with me but part of him goes through to the other side. As we wait, I realize that we’re too exposed because we’ve left the thicket. For better protection, we step over a line into an adjacent area.  

It’s like being in limbo. We find a resting place high up in a tree. Beneath us is a road, which is like a dividing line. If we just wait there quietly we’ll be okay. Our pursuers won’t see us there, or be able to relate to us.

My friend, in his drunken demeanor (part of him went to find the tickets) drops something onto the road below and I realize that the pursuers could see something falling and start looking around. There’s a chance we could be exposed.  

I’m concerned. My amnesic, drunken friend reminds me that I have a friend coming to visit. His name is Rabbit. We need to try to meet up with him and, to do that, we need to do a lot of walking along the outer perimeter. That will put us out in the open.

I’m assured it’s safe. The pursuers have developed more sophistication in their search, so they can see into the thicket anyway. We look around the outside until we find Rabbit (who’s not going to go into the thicket; he doesn’t have that depth).  

We’re going to catch up with Rabbit, so the inflection seems to bring a state of attention to what had been a sloppy, hanging back and waiting demeanor. In other words, a person has to make an effort to make the linkage or make the connection that opens something up.  

A rabbit is something that’s innocent and is protected by its innocence because it doesn’t know how to go too deep into something where it could get into trouble. But we do have to catch up and find him; we can’t leave him lost.

What this dream is showing me is that I have a confidence that enables me to escape. Once I’m in the overall, I have no trouble losing my captors. I can do that because I’m in a state of grace. The cohort that I suddenly have is a creative essence that’s comfortable in such surroundings, although he seems to be a bit peculiar at times.

This oddness is balanced out by resourcefulness and curiosity, and an access to both sides. He’s able travel to the other side and bring through what’s needed. He can be trusted to do so because he has unwavering loyalty. Of course, I’m describing a part of me, which I have access to, that I too often take for granted.

So, that’s the hope. In other words, we have all of this going on inside us; we can connect to a state of grace within our surroundings. That’s the setup and that’s the hope.

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