The Reconciliation

John: So we’ve seen in the last two dream images (To Have and to Hold and The Pendulum Effect) how something has triggered an opening in the masculine nature in you (first rising up to view the structures), and then an imbalance there has caused you to return back to your unconscious (represented as the green pool).

This has happened as an inner process of testing the waters, so to speak, of the masculine and then trying to go back into the unconscious to re-integrate or balance this aspect in you. This has caused you to glimpse the degree to which you have to face yourself when you’re unconscious.

The tendency is to regard this masculine aspect as having screwed things up (historically), and that you hold something more complete without it. But that’s not entirely true because, ultimately, the masculine and the feminine nature are the same. It’s not like the masculine will get thrown away and we’ll only live in a certain feminine expression.

So this masculine aspect has gotten twisted up in you, for all the obvious historical reasons, and so it was, at some point, “taken off the table” in terms of your inner life – it’s light has been dimmed. But, ultimately, it does have to come back into the fold because you have to have both halves to make a whole.

I remember a phase of our group work when people got involved in a wonderful opening up of the unconscious, and they started seeing so much magnificence that I would hear them talk about wishing they were out of the physical world completely – that it’s nothing but grief and pain for them.

What they meant is that they just wanted to experience that inner state of lightness. Yet in seeking that, they were trying to shut off this masculine influence. So they cut off an aspect of Creation to some degree, in order to experience something else, and they would become sick looking and every little thing would bother them to the point where they couldn’t cope.

That’s why the two sides of masculine and feminine have to work hand in hand. You have to have the depth where you probe into things (the feminine), but at the same time have to take what you find, as a service, and work it in an off the ground manner. That’s how levels of inner knowingness are brought, or manifested, into life itself.

Because if you go into the inner depths, it’s equally important to then bring that up into the outer experience. You have to embody both places, inner and outer, at the same time.

That’s what you’re seeing. Your first dream swung you up like a pendulum (off the ground), which is the masculine, and you saw what the structures and things felt like there. And you recognized the information but sensed that there wasn’t necessarily a heartfulness to it, even though you knew it was important in some way.

Then you swung back down, as a means of re-grounding yourself (feminine), but you didn’t stop where you began, you swung more deeply into the unconscious. You didn’t like that and knew you had gone past the optimum point.

So, how do you stop the swinging back and forth? It’s a good question, because the greater the longing in you, the greater the thing is that has to be given to you. As above, so below. You’re bringing in the inner and the outer. You’re able to hold both points. You’re able to recognize some depth that’s a part of you and yet at the same time recognize and see what’s meant for Creation in terms of the greater whole.

That’s the way it works – you can’t cut yourself off from either aspect.

Jeane: Well, the dream then had another part where I’m planning to visit an old friend. She’s very bright and a little distant.

In the dream she’s living in South America and I know I can travel somewhere further south and then come back north to visit her. She’s explaining to me that she’s moved even deeper into the woods, but I feel I can find her because I’ve visited her before.

However, when I get there, she does meet me outside the woods. When I see how far into the woods she’s moved, I realize she was right.

John: Ah, so you’ve found a cute way to stop the pendulum right at the proper point. You’re being shown that a part of you has to find and connect with this other part of you (represented by the friend).

This part of you has gone into the depths of the woods (like the hot pool), into the unconscious, and you’re realizing that it’s easier to make the connection if it comes out of the woods to meet you. That puts the pendulum right at the bottom again.

So you’ve created the whole image, or whole process, through this series of images. It’s all a part of being reconciled within, with both the masculine aspect and the feminine aspect, so that you have the natural intertwining of all of life.

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