Playing Our Part

Jeane: In this image, I’m in a building and there’s a little shop that’s run by someone from the Middle East.

I’m intrigued because I feel like the women there can teach me how to belly dance. One of the women even comes out and shows me a step or two.

I can’t do it like they can, but at least I can learn some, which is intriguing to me.

John: There’s an energetic that comes through into life that’s always fascinating. The energetic then passes into the whole where it can be observed and appreciated.

If you take that energetic (the belly dance) and try to mimic it or become it yourself – as if it’s you – you will take it into a deviation. However, if you’re able to just see how it fits into the whole, you can hold it in a grounded state as you intertwine with the whole.

But if you hold the energetic, you’re actually able to pull something, root something, from inner into outer – which are actually one and the same. But they’re only one and the same when you don’t become personally identified with what comes through on an energetic level.

In other words, humans are meant to help tune energies and then ground them into life; that’s how something is brought through. It may come through an individual first, but once it comes through it can accessed and experienced by all. That’s part of living a service life, where each of us can further the evolution of Creation.

But it presents a type of Catch-22. How do we do both, i.e., bring energy through us, yet not make it personal? Because we have been taught to see ourselves as unique – and we are – but there’s a difference between seeing ourselves as unique within the whole, and perpetuating our separateness from all else – like most people do today.

If seeing our uniqueness causes us to indulge in it, then we are glorifying the microcosm of our self and the macrocosm suffers. But we must delve into the microcosm of our self to bring its power forth – that’s how we bring something through for the whole.

The Catch-22 is that if we delve into the mannerisms of ego, self identification, and  over personalization, we disconnect from and lose our self in terms of the bigger picture. We lose the humility and closeness to that which is Real, which means the intertwined energy of the whole. That’s who we really are, not this alienated being who chooses to hold onto to the illusion of separateness.

So your dream presents you with a dilemma: can you could look at something that’s intriguing and that captivates you in some way, and then ask the question “Can I do that?” Can you cause that part of you that’s touched by it, that recognizes something that fits with that, and can you bring that out and take that on in a microcosm state without choking it from going into the macrocosm?

You have to bring it into the macrocosm. You have to bring it through. You have to bring it from the unconscious out into the awareness, in order for it to be here in Creation. Otherwise it’s somehow repressed or suppressed or hidden in your beingness, in your greater, higher-self unconsciousness.

So, you have to bring it through, but as you do, do you get lost? If you get lost, then you create veils between you and the intertwined whole. But if you’re afraid of getting lost, you don’t even take the chance and then it stays dormant and hidden, and the intertwined whole suffers again because you’re not offering the uniqueness of you into life.

So, it’s a Catch-22. That’s why the teacher will try to get the student to see themselves in the greater whole, which is like a higher consciousness. It’s the idea of seeing life from the top down – seeing the macrocosm and recognizing that we’re just a microcosmic part of that.

But at the point where we feed back into Creation, that is the real test because if we get swept up personally, it’s like taking on The Light as if it’s our light. If we approach it like that, then it does no good for the whole and it does no good for Creation. 

The human condition is such though that as soon as we see something that benefits us in some capacity we hide it. We sneak up on it and we personalize it. We pocket it. Everyone has this prostitute quality in their nature, which is an archetype that has the inclination, under certain circumstances, to sell out.

We may be well intentioned up to a particular point, but there’s always a situation that can arise in which a person will make the exception and decide something is so interesting and intriguing that they want to partake of it, or keep a bit of it. We do this over and over again.

You saw the belly dancing and, at the same time, pondered it in terms of its interest. If you took it on with an interest, could you do that and leave it be at the same time? Can you be in the world, but not a part of it?

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