Staying the Course

Jeane: In the first dream, I’m a chaperone at a high school dance. The dance seems to be in a house in the country. One of the girls I seem to be coaching, or supporting, has a flowery dress on, but her top keeps sliding off. Sometimes she’s bare chested.

This happens to another girl, too. I just try to reassure them that it’s alright.

John: Okay, you’re responsible (chaperoning) for something that isn’t unfolding in the expected way, and you’re trying to spin it as if it’s not a problem, even though the girls you’re responsible for seem disconcerted.

Jeane: Yes. I”m trying to get them to feel more at ease about the situation.

John: You’ve been placed in an image, or a scenario, in which there’s an imbalance. Your spin is that it’s okay: the girls can be at ease and go along with the imbalance.

Jeane: The other thing I seem to be doing in the background of the dream is that I’m struggling to get the three computer screens I’m setting up at home to work (also a waking life project).

John: Right, so the image is a reflection of this scenario in which something isn’t coming together. That sets the tone for the dream. You’re trying to make do, or trying to convince yourself that something’s okay, while other parts of you know better.

As a consequence, how you’re meant to carry yourself is becoming exposed (the falling dress) in a way that isn’t balanced, or isn’t normal, and yet you’re trying to say that it is.

So the theme has to do with how you’re carrying yourself, or approaching life. Instead of being in tune with what needs to be done, in terms of taking responsibility, you see yourself as getting a little wayward and passing the buck. In other words, you’re losing the connection.

Jeane: In the next image I’m going somewhere, perhaps to a workshop. I’m there for a week and I decide to go to a yoga class that’s offered at the same place. It’s a very advanced yoga class.

The first day or two there’s hardly anyone else in the class, so the yoga instructor helps me with the poses. I can’t do them quite right. Then others join who are more experienced and the teacher just leads the class normally.

There’s another lady with me who also can’t keep up, so we just do what we can. The instructor is no longer giving any special guidance. It’s almost like they assume I’ve dropped out, but I’m going to keep coming to the class. I do some stretching, but it does feel a little discouraging.

John: Even though the appearance is that things have gotten wayward (you’re unable to keep up), the situation in your dream is an advanced class, showing that you’re now meant to be able to take more on.

Before it might have been something that didn’t make sense, but somehow you’ve been shown (by the teacher) what’s required, and you’re on your own with it. The idea is to see how you do.

Is that the end?

Jeane: Well, everyone thinks I’m going to drop out. But even though I’m not keeping up, I’m going to continue the class for the week I’m there.

John: When people see themselves struggling, or are unable to pull something together, the tendency is to drop out, give up, or conclude that it’s not right for them. However, as a human being, you find yourself in Creation, and you can’t wimp out. You have to put in your time. You signed up for this adventure and you can’t cut the journey short.

Deep down you have all the tools and training that you need. You’ll find that you can do more than you realize even though there are obstacles. It would be easier to just throw in the towel, but you know that that’s not what you signed up to do.

Sure, it was better with the guidance from the teacher, but now you’ve been left alone with no support. You’ve made an agreement to do this, so you can’t wriggle out of it; you know that would be a betrayal of yourself.

I would say your dreams ended on a positive note. In other words, you started off feeling very unsettled and your role as a chaperone wasn’t coming together. You could have quit but instead what you indicate is that you’ve signed up for this (journey) at some point in time. You’ve received the training necessary to hold your own. You’re not holding your own yet, but you’re going to stay the course even though you don’t have all the skills you thought you had.

Of course, how you feel something occurring in the outer (computer struggles) correlates, or reflects, something in terms of what’s unfolding in you on an inner level. And if you’re not keeping up with what’s unfolding on the inner, the outer tends to throw you a curve ball to wake you up in that area.

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