Good Vibrations

Jeane: In this second dream I’m living in a small apartment with some family members. I’m friends with Prince Charles. He and I are walking around the city together along with one other person who lives with me.  

I’m watching things go on in the city. At one point there are people rioting in the jail, which is on the second floor of a building. They’re throwing things out the windows. We’re steering clear of the prison building because if anyone saw the prince they might have an attitude and throw something at him.  

Then I’m in the apartment and Prince Charles is with me. I’m talking with him about what he’ll do after being a prince. Would he want to run for mayor, or would anyone else in the household want to run for mayor of the city, or not?

We’re looking at that as an option. The whole dream seemed to be like that, mostly ambling about with the prince.

John: In this particular dream, the prince represents a certain mannerism, or energetic, that has an effect wherever it goes. The prisoners represent the collective who, if they were aware of the prince, would be inclined to try to reach out to him, or throw things at him (for the purposes of the dream, both actions would mean the same thing, i.e., the prisoners’ indulgence would take away from the effectiveness of the prince).

Yet the prince is able to move about naturally, unnoticed, invisible. He’s able to avoid the trouble and maintain his freedom in relationship to the environment. If the others had their attention upon him, it wouldn’t work.

Yesterday we talked about our short experiment with gambling here in a Vegas casino. We can act as if we’re trying to make something happen, with an awareness that it’s typical of everyone else who’s gambling. And people are deeply pulled into this deviation, this indulgence, unaware that something else within them is trying to awaken. And if you’re putting all of your attention into that, or any, deviation, then you’re just like the prisoners in the dream – unaware of the effect that the prince (higher self) is bestowing.

However, if you’re able to move about like Prince Charles, i.e., with an energy that affects the surroundings, then the question becomes: “What more can Prince Charles do?” Because if he’s able to move about as the prince and not lose his cover, then can he become something else – can he have an even greater effect (although being mayor may not sound like an improvement, in this dream it represents one).

And what is the prince really moving about in? You could take that image and ask, “Are all these people somehow under his influence or subordination in some fashion? Is he a leader or in charge of them?” Yes, he is the prince and the prince carries a certain quality that radiates out.

From his perspective there is attention on him, but from the perspective of the inmates who would throw things at him to keep something important from happening, there is no awareness. If the prince can keep it that way, if he can radiate something by his presence without being recognized, he can have an effect that’s extraordinary and can become even more extraordinary the more he can work in this way.

This is the work of spiritually developed humans: to radiate higher energies into life. We are all capable of this, because it’s what humans are designed to do. In the casino, we had the sense that as we’ve moved about we might be having an effect on others. When there is a particular insight or inflection that hits in a particular way, something happens.

As a developed person moves about they can tweak the vibration around them in ever more subtle ways. But it’s more than that. It’s to the point that once you’ve experienced a time, place, and people, you have an inner snapshot of what it’s like. If you haven’t experienced the time, place, and people, you just won’t know.

Once you do, you can glance back at it and have a definite feeling of how it is. That revisiting can be done with an inflection that you carry inside. All of these little qualities upon which one inflects carry a vibration. You can call that a type of spirit energy. That vibration, when you inflect upon it, touches the place, and has a quality that is transmitted into that place.

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