God Consciousness

John: In this dream I can tell that a particular thing, which has occurred in a specific way, didn’t emanate into certain life scenarios that I can observe. It’s not that it was a bad thing, it’s just that it was left out.  

So, on a deep inner level, I’m aware of this energy coming through. In that awareness, I can tell that there are scenarios in which I can see that this effect is missing, and I know that it’s needed.

What I do is I keep adding up the scenarios that I see in the outer world that are missing this note. My first impression is that there are only 3 or 4 that lack the needed vibration. That doesn’t seem too astounding, or too difficult, to take in.  

However, I wake up when I realize that it’s really more like 7 or 8 scenarios missing the note. The question then is, can I look at and take in all of them? What woke me up was that I felt I wasn’t expansive enough to do that. I felt I wouldn’t be able to handle all of that yet, or be able to radiate the vibration through.

So it was the thought of being overwhelmed that woke me up, or the thought of leaving that note behind that disturbed me.

What is this dream suggesting?

My understanding is this: I used to think there was a spirit energy in the city where we live that I needed to connect with more closely. In the place we lived prior to this, I experienced that location as having a presence or spirit energy (in a hot springs area).

In this dream, however, the spirit energy seems to be an energetic from me rather than from the place. This energy emanates from me and radiates out into that which I’m able to perceive. I’m able to look at and touch my surroundings with a note of awareness, or consciousness, or aliveness coming through me.

This occurs when I take on a more heartfelt sense of how things are in my surroundings. My heart attention takes into account each environment I look upon, and my understanding of the place is noted as an inner inflection: what do I like, what do I dislike, what do I support, what causes me to cringe?

And, of course, as I develop more chi, or presence, or spirit energy, I’m able to appreciate more things in a given moment that would, in the past, be veiled from me because it felt like too much to handle.

What I’m pondering, or what bothers me, is, is it too much? Is it something I have to cut off as a protection? Or, can I absorb the imbalance? Can I take it in? (The word absorb doesn’t do justice to the situation.)

When I like a place I notice that I carry a glad feeling toward it and I support that feeling every time I think of it from within. What I’m describing is how inner power works on a level by which the inner can touch the outer.

Next I take a step back, and see how things are when I’m not in that mode of appreciation, or duty. When I get absorbed by my personal indulgences (such as scanning the financial system to see what’s going on) I lose the perspective of seeing the signs of God in it, which gives me the ability to recognize the Will at play in Creation.

Of course, I’m not really able to see things for what they really are unless I’m willing to let them pass through me and then to radiate out. In that regard I’m the microcosm catching up with the undulations of a much greater unfolding. What I realize, on a macrocosmic (universal) level, is that I’m able to radiate a spirit energy into the macrocosm (or, if you like, an inner essence note).

So what I’m describing is how I’m always in relationship to the time, place, and people I’m around. If I carry a particular note of awareness, then I’m able to touch that environment – to whatever degree – from within. And the degree to which I live that process has a lot to do with how well I’m able to cope in the microcosm (my own life).

When I fumble about or get overwhelmed or get overindulgent in the microcosm, then the macrocosm suffers, too. In other words, we all have a personal responsibility toward what happens in the universe, not just in our own life.

So what am I radiating into life? Is it just my obsessions with worldly material and personal issues, or am I bringing my consciousness of God through me into all that I touch?

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