An Uneasy Feeling

Jeane: In my next dream, I’ve gone with the man I’m with to get some help with our sexual relationship. I’m a little uneasy about this – perhaps I don’t want people to talk about it – because it seems the only place one can get help is in a house of prostitution.

None of the men or women there are wearing clothes. One woman seems to be in charge and she sends us to a back room. There are a lot of people there; I’d think we’d get help from one person, but here everyone seems to be involved.

I don’t know if they give us something written or they just show us something, but the whole thing makes me uneasy. However, it is the place to go to get help with sexual issues.  

Then it feels like I go right from that dream back into the previous dream with the dancers, except now I’ve figured out how to bring those diamond-like strands down into something else, though I’m not sure yet exactly how to utilize them. I’m working on that.

John: This dream is more easily explained by looking at the scenario in real life that triggered it.

We have a house guest, and there’s something off in his nature. He likes to portray this issue as being about someone else, but what he’s describing is really about him.

So this person has an inner wound that prevents him from appreciating the feminine aspects of his life fully. He has lost his inner connection to the feminine, and when events in life trigger this wound – as a way to give him an awareness of its effect on him – he misses the message. He isn’t able to process the self-examination that’s required.

Meanwhile, he portrays himself to be astute in such areas, but in reality he’s damaged in terms of being able to function and flow freely. The result is that he’s actually starting to lose his ability to focus. If I explain 10 things to him, he’s lucky to remember five. If I explain those five things back to him, he’s lucky to remember two, and on it goes.

The problem behind this is he’s not able to access his feminine ability to multitask. He can only take one step at a time, which is a more masculine approach to things. Another way to say this is, he can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

When he attempts to multitask, he becomes selectively unconscious. So if you’re talking to him about something, as long as you stay on one subject with a narrow focus you might be able to have a conversation. But if you switch subjects or if you bring in something that isn’t within his narrow approach to life, which is very confined, he can’t keep up.

Basically, he doesn’t know how to glide or flow. So this is the scenario behind your dream. You have taken the underlying idea and drawn it out so that if you reflect on the way the dream unfolded, you’ll note that, behind the imagery, the vibration addresses this aspect where one shuts down as a consequence of not having a proper flair (feminine).

Do you see that? In your image you weren’t comfortable with the multiple aspects of men and women in the place that were trying to “open” you up or get you to express yourself more freely. Instead of flowing with it, you were dwelling on the negative aspects.

That’s what our friend does, as well. In my dream, I get an insight into how that happens – it describes the negative aspect. We’ll get into that part tomorrow.

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