The Dark Side

John: Yesterday we discussed how dwelling in the negative sends us down the wrong path (see An Uneasy Feeling). My dream portrays just such a set of circumstances, where putting energy into the negative affects the way an experience unfolds.

I’m with my dad and he wants to go back and learn more about what happened to my brother. Five or six years ago my brother went somewhere and acted in a way that disturbed people; he drew attention to himself in a way that presented a danger to them.

He was just drunk, but he accused them of illegal things, and he was taken to be high on drugs. He scared the “powers that be” who thought he got too close to their secrets. These were people you don’t mess with. His rantings touched a nerve and my brother disappeared and was never heard from again.

That was then. Now five or six years later I’m with my father who has gone back to the same place. He wants to confront these people to find out what happened to his son. Years of not knowing and imagining the truth have really disturbed him.

The place we go to is visited by thousands of people. It’s like a casino and they come to this place to be entertained. My father confronts the people in charge about what he thinks happened to my brother long ago. His suggestions scare them, as if they are concerned that he could expose them.

So, he tells his version, while I talk to another strong-armed person, but my story is more hearsay. I don’t have the correct year and other facts are wrong, so I come across as more delusional; I’m disregarded.

My father and I get separated. To make matters worse, these powers-that-be cancel the entertainment show for thousands of innocent visitors who then come pouring out of the theater. This causes further complications in terms of finding my father.  

I have the sinking feeling that my father’s story may have also hit too close to the truth. Not taking any chances, they’ve canceled the act and they’ve grabbed him. I look all around, hoping I’m wrong. I know that if I go back without him my mother (who feels like you in the dream) will come looking for him.

I need to find my dad; my mother doesn’t need to be put through that. (Deep down I know that my dad scared them; he indulged in something that he shouldn’t have.) My searching causes me to go inside a huge building, but there’s no one there because everyone has gone home.   

I go through a set of doors that are camouflaged into the wall. Suddenly I get it! I need to get out of there before I run into anyone. I don’t think that I’ve gone too far into this maze that I can’t simply back out. As I’m retracing my steps through the camouflaged doors, I wake up.

So, what this dream is describing is the condition of a person who’s indulging in too many imaginative theories with roots based in negative impressions. Allowing the consciousness to indulge in such mannerisms is asking for trouble. Such conduct draws out the dark side.

A person can lose their soul, so to speak, when they indulge in the negative aspects, instead of working through what can be appreciated in any given situation. The heart works with light, but the heart shuts down when we dwell in preconceived notions or imagined scenarios that reinforce or feed dark energy. A dark energy approach can cause collateral damage to one’s self. The result takes us away from who we’re meant to be.

At some point, dark energy can be dealt with, but it has to be done very carefully. If our attention is too indulgent on these idiosyncrasies, we can shut ourselves off from the natural free flow, like the friend we described in yesterday’s post.

As a consequence we can get depressed. That’s not the way to intertwine. We need to accept letting go, and look to the future instead of the past. This is an act of forgiveness and surrender, which brings out the essence of Creation.

What I’m portraying in the dream is a path of darkness, which is destructive. I’m not meant to probe this path. Or, at least, only to a certain degree. When I see it I have to allow it to fall away because indulging in it leads nowhere. I’m meant to be more open and exist in a space free of such barriers or limitations.

Righteousness is not a trait that leads to consciousness. Fanaticism is, in the end, destructive. The best way to notice that we are on an indulgent path, or tangent, is when we find ourselves caught up in our own defensive reactions.

Defensive reactions are an indulgence, or a tangent, because we’re deviating from the free flow of life and instead are feeding energy into old patterns. We can see in the dream how the situation just goes from bad to worse, just as it often does in real life. If we instead back our way out of this maze, we can break free from the downward spiral.

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