The Energy of the Group

Jeane: In the first dream I was moving around at night on some of the outdoor marble structures and walkways in Vegas. There weren’t many people around. 

I was focused on the order in which something could be activated – through the Cirque du Soleil. One of their shows was called Criss Angel Believe, and there were other shows, but I knew that if one activated it in the right order, then something else happened, i.e., a marriage or some other event.

So I was moving around trying to get the sequence right and it took quite a bit of effort before I figured out which one had to be activated first.

John: What you’re describing is the way of being able to accommodate through feeling. You’re not working with the full information: you don’t have the masculine clarity of an idea, a principle, or a thread of understanding, so instead you’re feeling your way through, which is a feminine process.

By way of holding the atmosphere you’re able to know how something is meant to unfold. So this is a vibrational awareness you’re picking up on, and you’re doing it by holding yourself in an overall space without having to dwell in any of the specifics or particulars, which would be the masculine approach.

In other words, you don’t have the opinions or the conceptualizations. What you have is a sense of knowing just by being able to be in the overall space; you manage that by accommodating the overall space within you.

That process requires a certain degree of natural letting go and acceptance, so that the personal, or reactive, parts of you don’t get in the way. It requires an inner quietness so you’re able to observe and take note in a natural way.

It requires strength in your nature to not be affected by the circumstances. What’s interesting is, what triggered it? What caused you to suddenly have to take that into account?

Jeane: No, I think it was about Cirque du Soleil and the energy of it. Then the marble walkways around Vegas are very large, so you can follow them around; they connect the spaces.

John: So what happened is the atmosphere itself or, as you would say, “the signs of something on the horizon,” you were able to appreciate it, or recognize it as significant and meaningful, or indicative of a transition, that there’s orderliness to it. You’re sensing that there’s something more behind it and are swept up in trying to understand how all of this is coming into existence.

You’re recognizing that what’s meant to be has a way of creating indications of its natural unfolding. You can settle back and see it if you’re quiet enough.

Jeane: In terms of what triggered it, we went to see the original Cirque du Soleil. My dream identified the Cirque show called Criss Angel Believe, but the original Cirque show was called Mystere.

What fascinated me was that before the Cirque de Soleil phenomenon came to Vegas, this area was known for showcasing the acts of individual stars. The closest it got to group energy was, perhaps, the Rat Pack.

But Mystere in Cirque du Soleil brought the first real focus on group energy to Vegas, and it’s really high group energy, and a recognition of what the group can do that no individual can. They integrate individuality into their group energy. It’s very interesting.

John: Well, that’s interesting because in the past, typically, changes have been brought about through individual advancement or efforts, and you’re able to realize that in these times things seem to come together better, or have greater integration or development, through group energy. It’s indicative of the idea that we’re heading for a time where we won’t see ourselves as being separate from each other or from the whole.

Yet even as you recognize that it’s coming together with group energy, you’re also taking another step in that you’re seeing orderliness in it, or an enfoldment, or a pattern. That’s a perspective of the overall coming from the feminine.

From a masculine perspective I could say something similar, in that I see how each of the casinos has a different energetic and a different vibration. Part of me recognizes and identifies and appreciates each one and, to the degree to which I accept or accommodate that energy, I support it through some inner nature.

The feminine, however, recognizes the significance of it as it is, notes what is new, and notes that something feels wonderful inside. You’re recognizing the way it is. And then you go one step further to a new found appreciation that the group aspect represents something greater coming into the whole.

In other words, each individual element, quality, trait, or mannerism is significant in terms of how it contributes its freedom within the larger context. It’s part of the natural well being of the overall.

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