Everything is Alive

John: Following my first dream (see Acceptance and Forgiveness), I had the following dream that continues the same theme.

I’m meeting a male friend and a woman at a restaurant. We need to get to the restaurant in time to make a change. In other words, we need time to adjust to the place we’re going – we can’t just get there at the last minute because then there won’t be any time to adjust to the space or settle in. 

If we walk there it may not leave enough time to alter the energetic flow so that the food and service is suited to our needs. I feel urgency within, as if I hear an inner clock. The change needed has to do with the atmosphere of the place; eating is a secondary concern. 

Said another way, if we arrive in time and can, through our intention, correct any imbalance to the energetic, the food will take care of itself. But, if the scene is unsettled, then the food will not be quite right; there will be something about it that’s missing. (It reminds me of people who pray over their food as a way to set a certain note inside them. There’s something to that. It helps change the energetic flow.)

And it helps the food, too, because everything is alive and affected by the energy around it. This is true in the restaurant scene. If we go there scattered or discombobulated in ourselves, or just don’t flow into it naturally, or hold onto a certain presence or mannerism, then we’re just letting the circumstances of our environment dictate how things will be. 

In other words, we are meant to take on a greater responsibility in terms of how we affect our environment and the people in it. Our energy touches everything around us and, if we hold a conscious intention, we can touch our surroundings in some way in which it needs to be touched.

What surrounds us energetically is a form of food for us. So, is it junk food, or an organic meal? Our conscious intention can affect the energy in either direction. So this imagery is about honoring the connection, the relationship, to the wholeness of which we’re a part. 

The inner issues that must be overcome for this energetic change to take place in me are represented by the sense of urgency that I (my character in the dream) carry, the resistance to change shown by my male friend which needs to be let go of, and the woman who needs to bring an acceptance to it all.

All three characters are aspects of my inner life – both masculine and feminine. I wish I could really pull out exactly how I saw this because it was almost like I went one, two, and three: these are the three things needed.

So I was trying to catch the note, because it’s a consolidation of the two dreams. In the first dream I was the man working with two aspects of feminine energy, and in this dream it’s shifted to two masculine aspects with the feminine providing the acceptance (perhaps the feminine that was joined together in the previous image?).

Upon settling back, I became aware of a deeper energetic meaning behind these dreams: a change is needed, and it’s coming. I’m being shown that I need to be able to accept the transition as it unfolds. I need to adjust as needed, and flow with what evolves.

I can’t do any better than that – that’s as close as I can get. The understanding was very succinct and it broke the things into a structure of one, two, and three in terms of jolt, jolt, jolt, which results in something initiating a change.

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