Wild Horses

Jeane: This dream takes place in an indoor high school stadium. A group of us (students) have been working with teachers to learn how to drive teams of horses around the ring. We’re dressed up in different outfits, like band uniforms, and everyone is doing a different performance as they go around.


However, on the evening of the actual performance, in front of the parents, we are on our own – the teachers won’t be guiding us.

At some point the horses stampede and somehow I get off just before that. I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t have the right uniform, or what was going on, but I stepped aside at that moment. 

A few of the horses stampeded and a few girls got thrown on the ground. One of the girls ran over to rescue her boyfriend and I realized that that was how her parents found out she had a boyfriend. Things became more chaotic toward the end of the dream.

John: It’s an unusual image that shows how a person is taught, or schooled, or given an alignment from their higher self (the teachers). In other words, you are taught, or given something, in practice, which then needs to be taken into life, or into Creation.

When you get a knowing, or an understanding, from the higher self (the training), you then take that inner knowledge into the outer world (the performance in front of the parents). In the outer world you then have to contend with the reflections, i.e., everything’s reactions to what you are doing. In terms of these inner processes it’s like trying to control a team of wild horses.

Symbolically, horses often represent a quality that needs to catch up with the higher-self essence, and we see that higher-self essence, when acted out through the lower self, i.e., brought down and through into life, can run a bit wild, or be hard to control at first.

So the training and educating that you’re going through on an inner level has to do with getting to the point where you can carry what you receive from your higher self down into Creation (into life) and have an effect on the outer half – in a controlled way. There’s meant to be a one-to-one correspondence between the inner and the outer.

We’re designed to process from inner into outer in this way, but if we don’t listen to the signals (teaching), then we do nothing with it in our lives. That amounts to a loss for Creation.

Yet if we begin to listen and then manifest it into life, it can have the initial appearance of wildness or of something being astray. In other words, from the standpoint of the teachers you’re out there dealing with raw energy – wild horses – and the refinement of it can leave something to be desired.

But it’s fundamental, in terms of Creation. Certain higher essences can’t come directly into life, they have to be processed through a human life and added to Creation in that way.

The chaos represents a process of trial and error where you are shown how far you have to go before you can “tame the horses.” It’s self-correcting, but you have to try to recognize how you are amiss.

Once something new is brought through into Creation, Creation can know that part of itself. So the ability to give expression in the outer plays a role in facilitating shifts and changes in life. It enables Creation to take a step forward.

It’s actually quite a profound process. Who would have guessed that if you can bring higher essences right down into life, you can touch something that then triggers an unfolding of new possibilities that, in a sense, were unknown to Creation. That’s an incredible and important service that the human can provide. From our higher self and through our lower self, we can come together with Creation – we can be One.

In Creation there is an ongoing process with the human. It begins with a relationship, which leads to a union, and a union leads to completeness and wholeness.

So the theme of the dreaming has to do with taking an energetic and coming back straight into life in order to cause Creation to be able to take a step, or realize something, that wouldn’t ordinarily be possible.

It’s said that Creation, which is feminine, has to forgive the masculine in order for it to get a glimpse of the insight of the transcendent. But it also works the other way around, where that which comes down and touches life has to come all the way down into the physical, which can be painful.

It’s easier to stay in the light than to come all the way down, but this part of the process needs to be done. So you were dreaming the part that had to do with holding a space in Creation, or trying to function in Creation, with this energetic that you had been taught or learned. One of the aspects of this path is to receive from Creation and then hand it right back into life.

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