Invisible Man

ImageJohn: In my dream I’m looking at two options:

The first option is to continue along the lines of what everyone else is choosing – in terms of the outer, or the collective. But when under the influence of the collective, I’m aware that an inner note, which has the Kundalini energy, is not generally very well perceived. In other words, the note of this energy gets diluted in its intensity. 

If we choose to come all the way down into the density of the outer (and the collective), we still must acknowledge and hold, or maintain, this inner note – if we are to maintain our spiritual connections. If we go through life less consciously, i.e., without holding this inner note, the energy becomes more and more dilute – to whatever degree we have put our conscious attachment onto outer conditions.

Said another way, the more personally involved we are (from a self-first ego perspective) in the day-to-day of the outer, the less we’re able to participate in, or touch, the whole. Awakening consciously to our participation in the whole – our ability to “touch” it – is part of a true spiritual path.

The second option is one that’s more removed from the affairs of man. In this approach, the soul holds an inner space, and outer affairs become of less consequence. 

As an example, should a person come into my house in this scenario, the person would see the place but never see me directly because I would be residing so deeply within that I’d be hidden from that person’s general perceptions. This is the transcendent quality.

In this approach, my energetic is experienced by the person while in my presence, but I don’t make myself fully known because that would compromise the subtle energetic effect.

What’s a surprise to me is that, on a day-to-day basis, I’m following the first approach. So I’m directly visible in outer affairs. However, when I’m in touch with the imbedded inner energy and just flowing freely, I’m energetically hidden from view, while still radiating what is real (from the inner) into the outer. 

This affects the outer in a way that’s not immediately recognizable, though it can set in motion a subtle epiphany for those present in the moment. Sometimes the inflection lingers long enough to actually cause a greater shift. 

What’s going on here? What’s portrayed in this dream image is how I am in waking life. On one level I’m taking my consciousness right down into Creation as a participant of the whole. In that approach I hold to an inner truth of higher-self consciousness as the state that I know to be real.

Yet, at the same time, I can get somewhat consumed by the outer, which causes a diminishing of my ability to hold this inner note.

No matter what’s occurring in the outer life, I still have to somehow hold this note. If I do, then on another level of beingness – that’s unknown and invisible to others – that inner note can inflect into the outer (into Creation) and create subtle shifts.

It’s also showing that none of the effect that I radiate outward is directed back at me by others, because they don’t have a focus or attention that can recognize this subtle, energetic form of communication.

What the dream is saying is that I’m doing both, depending upon the circumstances, i.e., I’m bringing the inner into the outer, and I’m reflecting back to others what they’re generating. In each instance I take on my responsibility for what is happening in the outer. 

The first way is direct and readily apparent to others. The second is much more subtle, and it can only be perceived by another through their higher self. Unfortunately, most people are not well enough attuned to their higher self to recognize or acknowledge the exchange. If they are too caught up in the personal it creates an inner noise that prevents them from hearing what their higher self has as a knowing.

Ultimately, we have to be able to work in both ways if we’re going to effect change into life.

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