The Human Touch

John: In the next dream there is a plaque, or an award, that’s given out for the deed-of-the-day. On this day, the award is being given to me.

I know that I’m the person chosen for the award, but I pretend otherwise because the janitor also has the same name as I do. I joke that he’s the one entitled to the plaque for having cleaned out his mop bucket.

The significant aspect of this dream is that I know that the award is given to me. I believe that this image is a response to what happened in the previous dream, where I had the recognition of two ways to participate in the whole that acknowledges my responsibility as a human being – in relation to the world around me and to Creation itself (see Invisible Man).

I mean, I actually felt that I saw something smiling – that I had “gotten it” in some way. So the first dream was important in that it provided me with an understanding in terms of how one can relate to life, to Creation. It can be done in two ways: the imminent (projection through the self to the outer), and the transcendent (higher self to higher self).

Both offer an energetic hint that creates a shift in relation to the whole as an invisible effect, with the transcendent being the more profound of the two. In others words, we may not know exactly the effect we’re imparting, and what is around us (people and other living things) may not consciously be aware of it happening.

Humans are designed to participate and interact at these deeper levels. When we, as an individual, are able to hold or maintain these inner states, we can create a shift in which others have to make an adjustment or catch up with the recognition of it. This is the subtle evolution of life. When we ignore this level of interaction, we, as individuals and as a species, make ourselves vulnerable to a much louder effect – as a wake-up call – such as the havoc created by Mother Nature as she evolves.

In the next dream a presumption is made that if a lot of flowers are added to a bath, i.e., the essence of things is infused into it, that no one could deny that it’s a wonderful bath.

In this image, a man climbs into the bath while I observe his level of appreciation. He immediately gets back out, to the consternation of all of those who went to the trouble to make it an exquisite experience.  

The essence bath is too over-the-top for his tastes. The man mumbles as he leaves because he’s aware of the effort made, saying, “Whom do you think won and whom do you think lost on that one?”

It wasn’t simple enough for him. He wants everything to be simple, in the sense of: “Let’s not get carried away.”

The meaning here is, to touch the essence of our being in a way that’s truly meaningful, simple works best. Flooding the situation with too much essence might sound good to those in a position of greater knowing, i.e., more connected to their higher self, but it’s generally lost on most people because they require simplicity in order to get “It.” Too much essence will trigger their defense mechanisms and psychological patterns, so the essence won’t penetrate through the veils they have put before themselves.

The way this applies to the first dream is that we have to relate on the level of Creation, in the sense of connecting to the wholeness of life, in order to directly affect others. We can’t just flood people with the energy of it and think they’re going to get it.

What this is saying is that we must connect to the higher self, but we can’t just exist in that transcendent state. We must bring the higher self into the lower aspects of life – infuse our daily goings-on with the essences of Creation. That’s how we touch life by our very act of living.

The human is the crown of Creation, but there’s an aspect of the human experience that has to play the role of the foot soldier for God. It’s a surrender of our personal self in service to the whole.

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