The Slippery Slope

Jeane: It feels like I spent a lot of the night struggling with this dream. I’m in a building and the floor is a sphere, which means that I’ll slide down the sides if I go too far. I don’t travel too far in any direction before I come back.

We’ve been given a container that we can use to catch something that we drink. The problem is, I’m convinced the container is the wrong size – it’s either too narrow or maybe it’s too short.  

I’m sure they should have given us another size because these containers just aren’t appropriate for catching whatever it is we need to catch as we slide down the side of the sphere.

John: The condition you’re describing is that you’re on a slippery slope. Yet you have a fallback that you can depend on, or seek the aid of, in this idea of a container to catch rainwater (refreshment or renewal). In other words, it’s something of sustenance….

Jeane: I think it was coffee, not rainwater.

John: Whatever the drink is, it’s supposed to make everything better. What you’re really doing is describing your condition as you know it to be in the outer (a slippery slope), but with the realization that there’s something you can turn to, or reach for, that provides a type of relief.

So the dream is zooming in on your current state of affairs, but there’s a note in your nature that seeks to make it workable. You’re constantly looking at this note, or quality, or vibration, though you have some doubts whether it’s tuned quite right, i.e., the size of the container isn’t appropriate for the job.

In your opinion there’s some alignment that needs to occur. In any event, even if it’s not quite right, you know it’s useful on the slippery slope. You do have this bit of help as you struggle, as imperfect as it is.

It’s an interesting dream in that it’s attempting to show you that you’re experiencing something on an inner level that can make a difference in your outer conditions. Still, your doubts show that something more is needed. You haven’t taken into account all that this inner note can do in terms of holding its energetic in some sweeping way.

You’re slipping and sliding, not sure how this note is meant to make the difference, or not convinced that it can make the difference.

It’s a difficult dream, because there’s an awkwardness to it, a sloppiness. A lot of our dreams lately have this feeling. It’s almost as if we’re in the Twilight Zone now.

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