Maintaining a Presence

Jeane: In this next dream I’m visiting a plateau above a small town. It’s really beautiful, and below the plateau there may be a river that flows near the town. Everything except the plateau is a really lush green, including the hillsides that rise even higher.

When I first go into town I notice there are a lot of young girls from India. They’re at that age where they’re changing into young women, so there are certain traditions and cultural behaviors that I’m interested in studying.

I’m looking at the food they prepare and how they dress. At one point, an older Indian man starts following me around – as though he’s interested in me – and I have to keep a little distance from him because that’s not why I’m here.  

I go into a store, interested in the items that the women sell. Some of the things remind me of pieces my grandmother had; little figurines and objects behind a glass counter. I’m really interested in one item and I have the woman bring it out for me.

Then I’m somewhere else and I realize that I have the item with me. I can’t remember whether I paid for it or not, and whether I need to go back.

At one point I’m looking at some sandwiches made with pita bread. They all have meat in them, but some have lettuce and tomato and maybe some tzatziki sauce, so I’m more interested in those. I take half of a sandwich.

Then I’m speaking with an Arab boy who’s lying down nearby. I ask where he’s from. He’s says,“Well, I’m just Arab,” but I want to know which country he’s from.

Next we go onto the plateau and I can see that we’re all going to go horseback riding. I realize this is really important to the Arab boy. The boy is maturing and I think that he probably needs to establish a house in the area – up the hillside – because it would be really devastating to him if the town didn’t keep the plateau. That’s evidently a possibility.

There’s a young American boy with us whose grandmother stays in the background but who observes everything. This boy comes over and asks me if I know how to bowl and I tell him I haven’t bowled for a long time but I used to be pretty good.

I’m just realizing the sensation that the plateau has and how important it is, but I don’t know whether the town will permit it to continue to be there or not.

John: What you’re doing is trying to develop a balance, or a sustainable state, relative to a spatial presence. You have many different things going on. Some come together in a halfway manner, some not at all. You’re trying to hold a presence within the space.

The image began on the plateau outside of town, where you sense that there’s something about this overall perspective that’s important. You hope the plateau (presence) doesn’t get lost or taken away because it has a meaningfulness as a general vibratory effect for everyone in this particular place.

You’re trying to take on or sustain the sense of overallness – how one thing affects another. You have bits and pieces that you’re catching up with, so you’re able to steer yourself a bit. But the one echo that keeps resonating throughout the dream is that a whole aspect could be lost. Then the overallness would be lost as well.

But the plateau area (the effect) is still outside the town. If you’d you’d been able to enter the town maintaining that presence, there would have been a certain degree of understanding or knowing that would automatically, and naturally, be recognized.

This is how it works in terms of a person and how they relate to, and function in, the outer. They have to maintain an auric presence that exudes into a space, which functions over everything that exists in the outer.

So you’re testing yourself: you’re seeing the degree to which you can stand on a slippery slope (see The Slippery Slope) and, if you have the right container (quality) and the right contents that go in the container, can you go into the town and still hold the meaningfulness? No matter what you are confronted by, can you see everything in terms of how you are in the wholeness of it?

For instance, when the man starts following you, or when you wonder if you paid for a store item, both these arisings could have detoured you from your journey, yet you maintain your space and continue on your way.

You’re not quite there, i.e., you had only half the sandwich. Thus you still defer to the importance of this (external) plateau in terms of how it’s meaningful for the town. The day will arrive however when that hillside is not an external or outer feature. You’ll be able to function with all of that incorporated inside you.

In other words, you will carry whatever that expectation, vibration, lilt, or whatever the plateau seems to embody in terms of helping the town (space). You will have brought that stillness into you to a point where you’ll be that vibration and everything will automatically get it as you move about the environment.

This is an awkward and unusual way to dream because you’re dreaming about a state, a space even, and a condition of overallness in that state or space. You’re not dwelling on the detail because the feminine tends to look at it more from a container perspective.

So, that presence is a masculine quality. You didn’t dream yourself as masculine, although I keep thinking of the plateau as holding a masculine quality. It’s kind of a microcosm because our perceptions are so limited: the outer is huge, but not as vast as the depth of an innerness. That innerness can exude the overallness and take it all into account.

So, you’re recognizing your limitations and working to try to overcome them.

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