Night of the Living Dead

Jeane: I’m ready to write off last night’s dreams to a headache, or to what’s going on in the world today. Anyway, in the first dream I’m a man and I’m living in olden days, almost back in the cowboy era.

The woman I’m with has been separated from me and imprisoned in another part of town. I want to rescue her, but I have to play along with the others for a while. We’re somewhere else doing something that seems acrobatic, but I know that I’m playing along – trying to fool them.

I’m even playing along as they try to fix me up with someone else. I’m waiting for the moment when I can slip out the back door and align myself with a group of Chinese people who have come to town. Then we’ll go rescue the woman.

That image then deteriorates into…

John: What this first image is doing is causing you to see a pattern. You’ve placed yourself back into a period of time in which the way of things was much more set. The status quo of that time was clearly established and maintained in terms of what was appropriate or accepted.

In those days people kept more to themselves. If you had an interest in someone, you were more discreet about that because otherwise it would be considered too forward. In other words, the boundaries of separation were more clearly defined. That is the status quo, and the dreams last night had to do with how the status quo dominates over our ability to awaken – to become more conscious.

The x-factor in this image is the group of Chinese people, i.e., you’ve introduced something foreign to the status quo to help break up the stuck situation. That’s what you’re seeing, but what’s awkward is you just see the foreign element as part of the general, overall background. You’re not fully getting the sense of it.

So you see yourself in a setting where a “jail break” is required, and you’re presenting it as an exaggeration of the status quo situation by going backwards to a simpler time in order to make the point more clearly. You’re doing this to understand better how your general overall mannerism has to be more fluid in order to keep up with the dynamics that exist today.

Jeane: In the next image it feels like I’m even further back in time, and the setting is a medieval castle. The castle, and the area around it, are gradually being overrun by various ghouls, i.e., vampires, flesh-eating fish, and werewolves. I mean, they all seem to be there.

I’m with a group that has gathered together to fight them off. There always seems to be a chase scene happening, but I never seem to get hurt, nor does anyone else in my group. Ultimately, near the end of the dream, I realize that the forces against us – the ghouls – are dumb. For instance, a man in the group does something to bait them and the ghouls jump toward the bait and get enveloped by it, or caught by it.

So we’ve realized that we can trap these forces through their own stupidity. We just have to wave something at them and they run toward it. We seem to have all gathered in one part of the castle to trick these other forces.

John: Here you’re seeing that the collective, or the status quo, has, over time, become so predictable it’s easy to manipulate them. Because you can no longer accept or support such an old pattern or behavior – it’s nauseating to you, that’s why they appear as ghouls – you develop a means by which you can affect that behavior.

As you become more and more free (awakened) from the collective, you realize that you’re able to recognize that (ghoulish) behavior as something foreign from your current state of expanded consciousness.

The thing that’s interesting is that, because you’re on another level, you can keep tricking the ghouls, or the collective, and they never catch on to it – they just don’t get it, or awaken to it. Their attention is somewhere else, a focus that’s rather stupid, routine, and predictable.

So we see that your perspective is elevated: you’re not caught up in the lower, external way of things, you know that what’s important comes from within – from a more conscious, inner level.

Thus you have gathered with like-minded people in another state or level (the castle) and your actions have a direct impact on the ghouls because everything unusual surprises them.

So this imagery is a response to this sense that you’re developing inside, in which a part of you has understood that there’s something more important in life than the predictable obsession with the material world.

You’re waking up from within and, as this happens, you come to see yourself more and more estranged from the collective, which looks more and more ghoulish to you on a symbolic level.

This change agent inside, which is your naturally-progressed way of being, is becoming more and more free from the old ways of existing outwardly, so much so that it becomes child’s play when dealing with the habituated collective who go through life in a zombie state.

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