A Well Being

John: In this dream I’m trying to reconcile three energetics. Reconciling only one just isn’t going to get me where I need to be. I have to, somehow or another, be more all-inclusive. Said another way, the truth of one, plus the truth of another, plus the truth of a third does not total up to a truth for an overall approach.

Interestingly, what triggered this was a simple torn nail on my foot that needed to be smoothed out to prevent it from snagging or tearing. This issue created a state of dis-ease in my being, in the sense that I had an awareness of it that I consciously, and unconsciously, tried to manage. My “management” of it triggered the imagery, which offers me the solution if I can reach that state.

Dealing with a specific physical condition, of this or any other, doesn’t necessarily address the behavioral patterns that arise in my awareness of it. For example, at night when I’m asleep, sometimes I try to lie in a particular way so I won’t hurt my shoulder unconsciously, but as long as I’m maintaining some latent inner defense mechanism – which is a mood or a tone that’s vibrational – then I’m limiting what’s possible.

It’s similar to tensing a muscle in an attempt to protect it from damage, while it would be better to relax the muscle to let it heal itself. The usual feeling is that all I have to do is one or another singular approach, but each particular instance is not quite getting the desired result. It’s not adding up to a whole – and well-being is related to being whole – even though in each instance it can make sense if looked at only from a narrow perspective.

So the dilemma that I’m facing is that whatever the problem, it isn’t going to go away because my perspective is too limited to properly encompass the situation. It might encompass this or that aspect, but no one of them is sufficient to resolve the issue itself, which is much, much bigger than the three parts.

What this dream imagery is attempting to show me is that if I’m trying to understand something going on in life and I only follow my established patterns or habitual responses, I can take that approach forever and never really get anywhere.

What this is pointing to is that a huge leap forward is required. I have to go outside of my normal mannerisms and patterns. I have to realize that that’s the only way it’s going to work.

I’ve known in the past that only when I totally release, totally let go, and go into a state which is completely free and void of any limitations or mannerisms (conscious or unconscious), only then can something be automatically healed. Any kind of cognition that holds me back only contributes to sustaining and maintaining an aspect, which causes it to linger or worsen.

Anyway, I’ve tried to paint the scenario of how we enable and even feed our own malaise, with a sense of what it takes to get out of it. But on an inner level, I still lack what it takes to grasp it.

In other words, I can’t sit down and make it happen on my own because I can’t quite get outside of a pattern or mannerism in me that has a certain vibrational energetic quality to it. I’m conditioned to that response, but I need to let go of it.

I haven’t figured out yet how to totally let go in order to allow a greater leap; something that’s outside of my established ways.

That’s what I went through in this dream. It’s an insight into a greater process that can allow the system to heal itself.

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