Giving Form to Creation

Jeane: In this initial dream, I’ve gone out and purchased some furniture that we need for the bedroom. It’s a bench that will sit at the end of the bed.

But it seems that when I go pick the bench up and bring it back, it’s actually turned into four separate blocks that fit together to form a bench. So it feels like it’s a low end version of a bench, rather than a high end version, i.e., a single piece.

I’m trying to make it work in two ways: I can put these blocks together to form a bench, or I can use just two of them and then place the other two somewhere else in the bedroom. I’m just trying to see how I can make it work. It’s like the difference between buying a nice bench from a furniture store, or going down to the flea market and creating a bench from four different objects. It doesn’t come together in the same way.

John: What you’re doing through this imagery is very similar to the process I had in my dream yesterday (see A Well Being). Some part of your nature is irritated or bothered by certain things you’re dealing with (in waking life), so what you’re trying to do is cobble a solution together that’s inclusive – a solution that shapes the different elements together in a way that will soothe these irritations.

You have the belief that what you’re doing will get you to a result that will leave you energetically fulfilled at a certain depth inside you. You’re acting out, or doing a run-through, of the approach that you believe will ultimately create your desired result.

Yet at a deeper level, what you’re meant to be able to see is that any sort of defined expression or mannerism, anything that you can put your finger on, no matter how you’ve shaped it or made it inclusive, isn’t going to completely fulfill the goal because you are establishing it, or bringing it into reality – into the physical worlds.

At the deepest levels, that’s not how Creation works. You’re taking something formless, i.e., an energetic, and trying to make sense of it. By making sense of it you give it fulfillment through form. In terms of the dream, you have a space in the bedroom, and in trying to bring wholeness to the feeling of the room, you add a physical object that is meant to “bring the room together,” so that it matches the “feeling,” or energetic, that you desire.

So you’re giving form to these feelings or, on a Creation level, you’re taking something formless and capturing the essence of it through a human expression, in this case a bench or a room.

Whenever something is brought into manifestation, say, taking an idea from a sketch to a completed state, that very act has pulled from the realms that are in a constant state of unfolding – they’re fluid. You’ve taken that fluidity and made it fixed. Instantly, what is fixed becomes part of the past (because it’s no longer unfolding).

We humans are always making the mistake of thinking we can take something formless and convert it into a frozen or fixed form and that it will still be complete and “true.” It’s impossible. The universe itself is fluid, ever changing. Anything that can no longer change can’t truly be part of the evolving Creation. That’s as true for humans as it is for benches.

All we can do is get as close as we’re able when we take and give form to something in Creation. At the same time, we need to know how to let go of that which has been shaped (the past) because as soon as it’s shaped it’s subject to immediate decay.

If we’re okay with that, then we can remain fluid in the area that’s a spatial element inside us (a Creation element). That way we aren’t caught up in that which has been given shape, in terms of physical reality as well as ideas that become fixed in us. In whatever way we become fixed, we lose the connection to the part of ourselves that has to remain formless.

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