The Safety Point

John: Your dream yesterday points out something that’s important to understand, in the sense that it was your inner depth, or your higher self, that was working to pull you back – through the imagery of the dream – into alignment with Creation (see A Constant Guide).

Humans today are rarely in alignment, or in attunement, with Creation. Because of our defense mechanisms, old patterns, and personalized view of life, we have, in general, lost our higher connections.

Still, when a person awakes to the true meaning and purpose of a human life, when they get back on a path away from their ego-life and begin the journey back toward wholeness, or Oneness, their alignment can become finer and finer.

Until the connection is constant in us, we will all have periods when we deviate from it and lose it again. That’s where our dreams can show us where we are going wrong, or how we can reconnect. But if, during the dream (or waking life), there’s something that’s bothering us, we will often trigger some pattern or defense mechanism, which acts like a veil to our connection.

But we do know that there’s an attuned guidance from within that we’re supposed to be able to pick up and recognize. In the case of your dream, you understood the importance of holding the dhikr (a practice of remembrance) in order to maintain a vibrational note that a human being is meant to uphold. But we can often deviate from that in relationship to circumstances we encounter in everyday life. We may not deviate far, but we do deviate.

But there will always be that inner echo that will try to pull us back. As in my dream (see A Well Being), as I slept I was realizing that I had to pay attention so I wouldn’t hurt my frozen shoulder. In that process I developed the image that there was a magic point, a stillness, that was reaching toward me that I needed to find, and in that stillness was the healing that was at my disposal.

If I could hit that point, then there would be true surrender. Opposite to that was the idea that I was in danger of hurting myself again – so there’s the pathway and the blockage (the veil) to the pathway. It’s a contrast, and a human being is meant to recognize in them the note or vibration that cycles through their whole being – and throughout all life – that sustains a certain aliveness because it’s part of what we’re intertwined with.

In that sense, for a human, Creation is the home base we foray out from – like the ants and their home – and when we get lost or disconnected (when we deviate), we still carry an echo in our nature of what is deemed to be home (Creation) and hold that as a memory imprint. If that “spot” is disturbed, we should, again like the ant, rush back to that point. It’s what we know and hear inside that sustains as our safety point.

For a lot of creatures, the safety point can be their mother, whom they will rush back to in a moment of danger. Disconnection from Creation is just such a danger for a human being. Even if, as in my dream, there wasn’t a complete answer for protecting my shoulder, it did offer a means to go into a higher self-depth; I was just finding it difficult to do because the physical condition consumed my attention (I couldn’t let go).

If I let myself go and surrender, I know that at a deeper level I’ll be led to an integration that’s important in terms who I am. What the integration leads to is something that’s intertwined with everything, but in the way of a microcosmic relationship to the whole.

So these images reflect a much bigger issue of how things are meant to be for human beings. Creation is our true home and our true safety. We get away from that whenever we move into personal identification, or an ego-based view of the world. When we realize we’ve gone astray, we attempt to find our way back. It’s natural to us.

As we do, we keep tuning in to different approaches that get us closer and closer – we swarm around and swarm around until, ultimately, as you indicated, we hear that vibration. We then come to see that the note strikes through everything, and is attuned to everything in Creation because, “As above, so below”: we are created in God’s image.

When we catch up with that vibration we understand how we’re a part of everything, and we effuse ourselves into Creation, because we are of Creation.

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