Getting In Tune

Jeane: I just have a vague impression of this dream.

I’m in a city on the edge of the earth, which is curved. The city is like an amusement park; it has all kinds of things going on, all kinds of movement.

I’m just trying to find my way around. That’s my impression. I don’t remember much except that it’s very crowded, it’s curved, and I’m trying to get my bearings.

John: The dream is playing with two energetic conditions. One is more based in the microcosm, i.e., smaller in scope, and more settled in a certain physical way (the city). The second is more based in the macrocosm, i.e., it has the feeling of the whole, or of being intertwined with Creation (the edge of earth).

The image is a projection of the sorting out that’s going on inside you. You see something that’s on edge – it’s off to one side of the globe – so there’s a wholeness, and yet it also invokes a perception that’s particular, and it’s attempting to balance the two.

Because you are feeling things in a wholeness, you’re not looking at it straight on. If you were, it would appear more rooted and more fixed, i.e., perhaps you’d be in the city, but without the external perspective. You’re seeing it a little off at an angle. You’re able to note that because you have a certain freedom from the microcosmic identification, or a certain awareness of a greater whole. You’re above the microcosm (daily life) in your perspective. If you didn’t have that awareness, you wouldn’t see that the fixed aspect in the outer is a little bit tilted or askew.

The key to this sort of perception is in how you’re approaching your own overallness. First of all, it’s notable because you’re playing with both sides. You’re playing with how things are locally (crowded in the city), and also how everything is universally, in terms of the intertwining within the macrocosm (the city in the context of the curve of the planet), which can lead you to a greater sense of freedom in terms of your overallness.

So you’re playing with the microcosm of things, which has a certain set, or defined, way and seeing how that is in relationship to the whole. Ultimately we have to contend with both, and in this scenario you are. The idea is to have a heartfelt listening center so that what’s occurring in the microcosm comes across as straightforward, or comes across as “just right” in its mannerism, or existence, in the physical, which enables it to coordinate appropriately with the greater whole.

This is a type of refinement where a person can get more and more attuned to this listening center if they’re able to hold a certain space within, where through their inner perception they’re able to determine whether the microcosmic scenario is a little tilted or not.

This dream shows a process that’s using both the inner and the outer as a way to sharpen one’s natural attentiveness to how the inner and the outer work together. If they’re not working together in you, reflections (dream images) will show you that something’s off to some degree.

What that is is always hard to determine. So this image is also showing you that something isn’t quite 100% right yet because what you’re perceiving is a state or a condition (and you yourself are that state or condition) that’s a little off to one side.

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