Nothing is Personal

Jeane: In this scenario, I’m somewhere with my dad and my sister and apparently there’s been a death (I think it’s my aunt), but the estate hasn’t been completely distributed.

My sister is explaining to me that my aunt held something back and now it’s going to be distributed. I don’t seem to be very worried about it, so a portion is given to my sister.

My dad seems to be somewhere in the background, and I think he must be getting a portion too, although that’s just my assumption; I’m not really focused about it.

There’s also a portion that I’m supposed to get. My sister has concerns whether that will be distributed. I don’t seem concerned about it. I just think, “Yes it wasn’t done at the time as was expected, so there’s something to be given out now.”

I seem to feel that all this really isn’t a problem. I just have to go and collect it or see what it is. That’s that part of that dream.

John: What you’re doing in this dream is expanding upon the theme of the quality of a certain state of overall freedom, in which there’s a spaciousness, or overallness (the macrocosm), that somehow helps guide or direct things in the microcosm. (For the earlier exploration, see Getting In Tune.)

Now as your dreams have proceeded through the night, in this imagery you’re taking this idea to the next step. You find that the “estate” has something more for you, so you’re connecting to something greater and it has more to reveal to you. Things are opening up, “more” is being made known to you from within. The proposition is, how can you now carry that awareness into the world, or bring it from inner awareness into outer expression? Or, how can you distribute your inheritance?

We humans tend to be pretty lazy in this regard, because when we experience an inner breakthrough we like to sit back and noodle with it, hold onto it a bit. But we should be exploring how to distribute it, or transmit it into life. Any conduct that lacks the kind of freedom to just let it flow into life, and to twine with everything else, is a conduct in which things are lost – for others and for Creation itself.

So you’re having a bit of inner discussion through this dream, in the sense of, “Is it important to bring through all aspects of a perception that unfolds inside you? Is it important for all of that to be carried forth into the outer?”

It’s almost like you’re looking at yourself and holding yourself accountable. Are you doing it or are you not doing it? One has to ponder: “Okay, what are the considerations? Is there something that you consider too personal, or, what aspects are too personal?” This is leading to a recognition that your greater wholeness, which is intertwined in everything in the outer, is only possible if you’re able to bring everything through, i.e., ultimately nothing is personal.

This isn’t easy to do because we live in the outer and there naturally are physical constraints associated with the outer. As a consequence, it’s very easy to develop certain mannerisms and characteristics that are associated with how the outer is, in relationship to you being a soul in a physical body.

So, as a consequence, there’s the tendency, there’s the projection, that we need to pay attention to a certain safeguarding of ourselves in a personal way. We develop personal identities from early childhood and spend most of our lives supporting those psychologies as a protective device, where personal protection leads to separation from the whole.

However, this dream is having you make distinctions in terms of where you stand in this regard. It’s coaching you, if there are any doubts or resistance to being open and free within the overall, to just bring it forth and lay it out there.

It doesn’t matter how it appears compared to our training in the culture. It doesn’t matter because a human is not the type of entity, or being, in the greater sense, that’s meant to get trapped or caught in trying to sustain a specific persona or personal identity that’s separate from its identity in the overall – in Creation. We can’t be both personally involved and part of the whole; we have to choose.

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