Balancing the Relationship

Jeane: This next part had several things going on at once. In one theme, it seems it’s near the end of the school year, so I’m planning on taking a break, like summer vacation. My plan is to go with some people out into the hills where there’s water and hiking.

During this journey I’ll be getting together with a young man. It seems that this trip will create a certain closeness, or intimacy, between us. For some reason, this involves going into a locker he keeps and taking something out.  

This is the first time the two of us have really been together in an intimate way, so we’re not completely open with the people around us, in terms of our relationship, because it’s so new and we’re looking for some privacy. However, we’re going on the hiking trip with the group.   

On this wilderness trip, I’m not going to be doing some of the more adventurous things other people will do; I want to relax and be on vacation and be with this young man. I have some interaction with him that’s like an approach, followed by a little backing off, i.e., going to the locker, bringing something out, and still getting acquainted.  

In the same dream, at one point I find myself in a house that reminds me of the one my maternal grandmother had. A lot of people are there. I’ve gone out onto the porch area and there’s a little girl sitting there next to the washing machine.  

I sit down on the floor next to the little girl. It must be that she isn’t too excited about school. I’m explaining to her that I’m not really a big fan of school, either, and that now that it’s near the end of the year I’m taking some time and going on vacation. I’m trying to get to a level where I can have eye contact with her to relate better. She’s a really cute little girl.

John: The last scene with the little girl is parallel to the first part, but it’s actually a second dream where you’re showing a certain overall understanding that you don’t have in the first part.

In the first dream, you’re still looking to establish your own sense of well being, i.e., a persona that has to do with a linkage that then gets recognized or established in a particular way (your new relationship with the young man). You let go of the things that, in terms of your physical orientation, are outside of what’s important to you or your capabilities, i.e., you let go of the more adventurous hikes.

This sorting out in the first image leads to an inner sight. You have developed a natural wisdom about your circumstances, and you can tell when someone else is struggling energetically to sort something out. You know what that energy feels like, so you’re able to advise yourself (as the little girl) about not making everything so important, or being too rigid, because nothing is that serious.

The greater theme of the dreaming is this sensation of being in the outer (physical life) and having to cope with the circumstances that you find yourself in (the microcosm). At the same time, you’re recognizing (hearing within) the freedom of the macrocosm, shown by the outdoor vacation.

Now, you’ve got to have both. You can’t just ignore school (the physical world) completely, because the greater whole has its demands in terms of your soul being intertwined with everything. However, you also can’t be too brutal with yourself or you’re going to be left in a state of pain (brutal here to mean trying to aspire too quickly in a way that disregards the needs of the physical; the microcosmic level). So there are times when you have to know how to weigh that balance, or be able to take those aspects into account.

In the first part of the dream  you’re learning to accommodate the two. You’re still looking at the magnetics of energy, in terms of what can come together and how it can come together, which are determined by how you are shaped and designed already. You’re learning to recognize these aspects in relationship to other parts of you.

So you’re making decisions. The key to looking at something like this is to always realize that that’s all you’re doing – that the whole is always the whole. The bigger picture is always the bigger picture, and you’re always going to have to contend with the microcosmic (physical) scenario you find yourself in. You have to be able to cope with a listening center that has to do with an attentiveness in the physical, while maintaining a sense of overallness on the inner. You have to put the two together.

You’re being trained or shaped. There’s an integration going on between the two that’s coming together, being sorted out, and taken on as an overall way of being. This means you’re integrating your microcosmic nature with your macrocosmic overallness, which is an important stage on the development path.

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