Reflections of the Past

Jeane: I only remember the last part of my last dream, but all my dreams from last night seemed to have a lot of people in them.

In this very last image, I’m in a house. My mother is somewhere nearby and there’s also man there. At first I’m pretending to be asleep, but they want me to get involved in mixing up a sauce to baste a turkey. it’s a strange sauce – it has iodine in it.  

There’s a plucked turkey that they plan to slosh some sauce on, and then I’m supposed to use a baster to baste the turkey. I even put some of the sauce on with my hand.  

After doing this a few times, I notice that the turkey’s still alive. It’s craning its neck and looking at me doing this! I look at my mother and this man and say, “I can’t do this, the turkey is still alive.”  

They say, “Actually, the turkey is dead. It just doesn’t know it yet.” Then I say, “No, this is just too absurd for words. You have to do something about this.” 
I think that’s when I wake up.

John: The energetics in this scenario all represent bits and pieces of you that are picking up an overall change in life that you’re meant to embrace and maintain. Iodine, from our perception of its meaningfulness, is something that, in minute quantities, supports a balance and a flow – it supports overall health.

If we’re deficient in iodine, then in some regard part of us isn’t able to function quite as it’s meant to function. Minute quantities are needed for the overall (spatial) flow.

And the whole idea of basting has to do with taking and introducing an effect, or an influence, that comes through and touches Creation. Creation, in this instance, is like the turkey. What it represents is an illusion, but it’s an illusion that’s a reflection of change that’s occurring; a change that you initially act asleep toward.

When we pluck and baste a turkey, that’s a process of changing the state of something. And that’s indicative of the changes that humans are being asked to support (baste) in these current times. The idea that the turkey is still alive shows that the human desire to cling to the past and not accept change gives energy to aspects of life that are already dead, or over, from the perspective of Creation.

The outer world is something that we can identify with in terms of it having a particular realness that we perceive, which is correlated to how it’s been shaped by humans, as we process the onset of Creation energies.

The way things are, currently, is meant to change – it’s already changing. An entirely new note is onsetting, which will change our experience of the outer world. But we are part of that change because much of it must come through us; it must be processed into life by the human race.

Unfortunately, the new energetics coming in can also just be used to support the old, i.e., the plucked turkey is dead, but not everyone is acknowledging it yet. We’re still feeding the ways of the past rather than holding a space for the future.

So the human race finds itself in this in-between state. Yet our higher consciousness, or the higher self, recognizes the new order that’s coming through. We are meant to translate this change and bring it through us into life. Of course, when anything changes, whether individual or global, there are parts of us that still embrace, support, and cling to the old.

It’s like the physical world reports the old light for a long, long time before the actual change comes through, just like we can look up at the sky and still see light emitted from a star that might no longer exist; it might have died a long ago. So too it takes a while for the new changes to get established and reflected in the world we see.

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