A Sequence of Events

John: As this series of images begins, I’m with a person who recently visited us. He takes a picture of a large luxury car that has caught his attention. Then he comes across a small car, which I consider insignificant because it’s got a rack on it and all kinds of stuff that hide what it is. To my surprise he takes a picture of this car as well.

Then he uses a software program to remove all the attachments that hide the beauty of the little car. The image is now opened up and the car can be seen. He then creates a collage of the two cars side by side, as if he found them that way. I’m amazed that this can be done. The big car and the little car can be seen in a whole different light now; they don’t look too bad together.

The understanding here is that I’m both the big car and the little car, and both aspects are important. As things currently exist, the little car (my life) seems insignificant because of the outer clutter, yet when that’s taken away, it becomes interesting. And when it’s placed next to the big car, it creates an amazing image of how these two different aspects complement each other.

In considering this image with the prior dreams (see Up to Speed), I realize that different parts of me need to be “cooked” at different speeds, i.e., given time to evolve in their own way, and I need to give space for that. I can do that by limiting my reactions – my self-conscious, emotional barriers – which keep me from blossoming. That will enable me to exist side by side with my higher self (big car) as the levels come together.

Some people are predicting that, in the future, working with nano technology in a unique way, it’s going to be possible to create and produce the items we need by way of manipulating matter and manufacturing something instantly. This is obviously something on a cutting edge of development.

In the same context, my dream uses a recent house guest who takes pictures of seemingly silly (to us) things. Is it possible that deep down there’s something else moving behind the scenes, of which he’s hardly cognizant, that enables him to be able to blend things together to see them in a new light? Is it an essence in his nature at play?

In the next dream there’s a 2’ x 4’ floor mat in front of a refrigerator. The short side is against the refrigerator. Some water splashes the area and the mat catches most of it, but some lands on the floor. I turn the mat lengthwise so it can be even more effective. I would have done it sooner if I had observed the need.  

The meaning of this has to do with noting how my unfolding is enabling me to better see and adapt to what’s needed.

This dream is kind of funny. It starts with a small man coming up behind me and trying to hold my arm behind my back. Deep down I know I can easily wrestle free and confront him directly and, in so doing, bring this situation to a state of proper perspective, i.e., we can both come to know more.  

This is showing me that, by overcoming resistances in life I can develop an inner power that can lead to a greater awareness of my self, and of the whole.

In the next dream, I learn from a man that his wife likes the look of my bedspread. He’s trying to tell me that when she gets something in her head, she won’t let it go. In other words, where can she get this bedspread? I try to tell him that the bedspread is no longer made. Nevertheless I look for somewhere she can find something similar.

The meaning of this is, in order to reach the hidden mysteries of life, I must notice the signs on the horizon. The perspective is that of a person (in outer life) seeking something and wanting to know more about what exists on a deeper, inner level. Getting the bedspread is their way of catching up with it.

In other words, the bedspread is indicative of something else that’s waking up and compelling them to try and reach a particular note – by association. As a parallel, you could say that I too need to see things with the curiosity that was shown by my house guest (in the first image), rather than making my own projection of its worth or value.

That will allow me to see another side of what’s trying to emerge, by noting this unfolding of inner consciousness. The guest was entwined with life, but encumbered and hiding a deep awareness that’s mostly unconscious. I need to observe his outer mannerisms and, if I’m truly responsible, I can catch up with other veils (in me) that I’m not readily seeing.

In the last image, a person is looking for something as it is meant to be. They seek a pristine quality, or a type of perfection in it. The question becomes, are they willing to accept something in a lesser state?  

As I sit with this complexity, I find myself having to take a different position. In other words, I can’t begrudgingly accept the lesser. I wake up understanding that my nature will not let me settle for something that’s lesser than what I know is possible.

In this, I’m contrasting two inner energetic states, one is the state that will compromise even though there’s so much more. I have to sense what that’s like, and also what it’s like to aspire to the greater picture. Aspiring for more requires a different level of concentration or aliveness.

When I consider all the dreams last night and their sequence, first I have to see the barrier, second I have to see the way I’m moving around in life and what this implies in terms of what’s awakening or trying to come to the surface.

Third I must be gentle with myself because inner aspects are evolving at different rates. Fourth I can’t let little barriers mislead me. Fifth, I need to note the inner conviction in my nature that’s trying to wake up. And sixth, I need to get out of my own way so that what is there at this deeper level can find its own pathway to the surface.

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