Things To Do Today

Jeane: I had a long interesting dream but all I could remember was this image at the end.

I’m sitting at my computer desk and I have a keyboard underneath the desktop that I pull out. I have other things on it besides the keyboard. I’m working at a certain speed with both hands on the keyboard and then sometimes they’re up on top of the desk.  

I’m realizing that if I take a break, I could actually organize the lower desk a little bit – put the pens and paperclips in a container of some sort – and it would make it more efficient. But it feels as though, with the flow of people coming through, or with the work I’m doing, that there isn’t quite enough time to organize things, even though I know it would improve the situation in the long run.  

John: You’re talking about a particular (in)sight that you have in terms of how something can be, but it isn’t occurring yet. Put another way, it’s a sight that you have that’s like a side channel in you that you’re not accessing or dealing with because you have distractions in the moment. You end up putting this connection off again and again.

As you were describing the dream, I didn’t even need to listen to the story. I only needed to listen to the issue behind the dream. My thought was, “Maybe we ought to just throw that darn chair away and start all over again” (we assembled a computer chair last night, but couldn’t get the height adjustment to operate).

So, what’s happening on an energetic level is that you’re trying to create a sense of what should be, and could be, in terms of a better sense of balance and how something could be done in a more dynamic way.

But that isn’t happening because there’s procrastination. Now, your dream took that little manifestation in the outer (difficulty assembling the chair) and pointed out that that’s just a reflection that occurred because you condoned or created it, in a way, based upon the fact that you have a greater sense of something that needs to be.

In that same motif, and in that way of using energy, you’re passing the buck. So what happened with the chair is a manifestation in the denser (physical), of something that you created as a inner reflection, which points to the same demeanor existing on an energetic level. In other words, you are procrastinating doing something on an inner level; something you’re ready for but aren’t taking the needed step that could open up so much more.

So you have the microcosmic effect and you have the macrocosmic vibration. In portraying the macrocosmic energetic dimension, everything you say about what you could do, should do, and how this would help, etc., is all good information in terms of coping with and addressing the macrocosmic energetic.

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