Can You Hear Me Now?

Jeane: I had a long, involved dream but I lost the middle and only remember what happened at the beginning and the end.

To start, there’s a series of little metallic whistles – like you see in a pipe organ. They’re little pipes that have to do with sound, and there’s a sequence to them. If I get permission, I can clean them.

One series of pipes are in a row and then some others form a circle around that. If you work with them in a certain order it affects the sound in a certain way, i.e., it changes the sound to something much greater.

There’s something about having to get permission for working with them, and then having to do it in a certain sequence. I think this process must have annoyed me, which caused me to lose the middle of the dream.  

John: What you’re working with is a hearing center or listening center. It’s a unique listening center in that the environment itself has to be at a particular degree of quietness (order) and then, if it’s meant to be, you’re able to hear more – in a subjective way – in terms of how things naturally flow.

The part of the dream you lost would probably tell you why it’s important that you learn to listen in this way. The idea that orders need to be given is touchy, because that could also reflect a type of guilt on an inner level.  

In other words, what is it that blocks you from being able to listen to and handle the pipes in a natural way? Do you carry preconceived notions that you need to be a particular way in order to take in something that’s occurring naturally for you? Do you have to penetrate this idea that you have certain limitations and certain obstructions?

Jeane: I had to get permission, rather than follow orders. But I was annoyed by that. I kept wanting to work with the pipes without them.

John: I think you have to do it without the permission because I think that points to a type of guilt that you carry, or a conceptualization, in terms of how you need to be. And that guilt has been converted into an image where you have to comply in some way to be able to have what’s required for something greater to occur.

I think that a big part of the problem is the fact that such an inner condition exists. Any concept that you have about needing to be a particular way is a type of limitation from flowing freely. You should be able to naturally know how to link with, and create, an atmosphere in which something can be perceived for you and for others around you.

The idea of permission implies that there are separate things going on, and it signals an inability to accept responsibility, in the sense of you being completely empty, i.e., not carrying any kind of structure that needs to measure or weigh whether something’s right or not. You should just be able to naturally hear, i.e., to get natural guidance.

Yet a part of you (the annoyance) is saying, “No, it shouldn’t have to work that way.” So you know better than that, but you still have some psychologies that stand between you and your ability to naturally perceive what’s needed.

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