In Touch with the Flow

John: I can’t tell if I did something to hurt my shoulder while I was sleeping. On an inner level, I was monitoring it and I came up with the notion that everything would be okay if I paid attention to how my movements were. In doing that, it seemed as if the shoulder functioned as a way of enhancing my adaptability.

In other words, the shoulder acted as a point of reference that I was able to hold onto. The way this is shown is in the following dream:

A school class needs to do a fundraising project. The class decides to sell pizza. The fundraiser is designed to be a day-long event and I’m an outsider looking at this happening.  

I find myself advising them because I carry a natural knowing in terms of how the flow needs to be (i.e., I can connect to an energetic vibration, or a knowingness, of how it can proceed in the best way).  

The people in the class are intending to do this as a one-off, so the end result would be more or less without any natural design. I start to suggest to them system after system that will help the project work better. For example, I suggest they cut the pizza up ahead of time and pile the slices in such a way that they can sell them more quickly, i.e., there are no wasted steps.

I also suggest that a couple of students go around and announce what’s happening, as a way to draw attention to the bargain slices. I indicate that when the fundraiser is coming to a close – when there’s only an hour or so to go – they can cut the price in half and offer two-for-one specials and things like that.  

What’s interesting about this image is that I’m watching myself say all of this, and as each idea comes out, it resonates in such a way that I know it’s the right way for the situation to unfold. When it’s like that, when I’m in a state of knowing and yet still holding onto an ability to sense how something is inside – meaning I feel no uncertainty or confusion – that’s when everything seems to function at its best.

The theme of this dream is how to be in a state of letting go – of outer moods, judgments, or perceived limitations – so that an inner flow can come through. When this inner flow comes through, I have access to a deeper awareness and I’m able to know, simply by the way it resonates, whether what I say, or what comes out of me, is right or not right.

I’m getting clearer and clearer about it, so I’m able to see every aspect of the process of causing something to be brought through, in a new way. I just have to drop any qualities or characteristics that could intervene. Then this deeper knowing naturally flows.

I see it and I’m surprised as it comes through me. I know the clarity of it by its succinctness; if anything were wrong, I’d feel an equivocation in the energy coming through me. If it were limited by something it would be because I projected something onto it, of a personally-based nature, that hadn’t been let go of yet.

So, what I’m looking at and seeing is how simply I’m able to be in touch with the intended flow, in relation to something that, on the surface, appears to be a standard event in the outer world. However, even in that, I can know the deeper connection of how things can be.

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