Out of the Collective Trance

John: In the next dream I’m going to a performance. I’ve become used to finding seats that allow me to view the event without interference, i.e., no heads are blocking me and peripheral distractions are minimal.  

But now I’m in another situation and at first I just take a seat. I’m a little further back and I realize that I’m negatively affected by those around me. I get up and go out into the aisle, and jump up on a ledge or railing. It’s elevated a bit, but away from the influence of those around me. I now have a direct view of the show.  

In this spot, though, light gets in my eyes, so I have to position myself carefully. I’m in the open but my attention is on the show. I’m not affected by the collective surroundings, so I’m able to get swept up in the performance.

I realize how much I’ve been swept up as the show ends and others get up to leave. The others seem to have a certain attitude because they experienced the event in a collective way, while I exude a different space because I was able to truly let go and be independent of all that.  

To begin with, I reach down and tease a person or two as they go by, accessing a levity in my nature. Then I notice a woman who sees that I’m doing this and who’s in a state where she’s ready to go through whatever I’m doing or communicating.

As I reach down and touch her as she passes, I’m able to grab her and pull her up to where I’m sitting. She has let go of her inhibitions; she’s a little freer than the others who are in their own (collective) trance.

My playfulness causes her to drop a hiddenness and, in so doing, she tells me that she’s going to be meeting a man on a rare date for her. The way she says this I’m able to tell more about what’s happening than she’s readily revealing. In other words, she’s still hiding something, but I can see through that.

I’m excited that she’s able to have this meeting and is able to communicate her glee without holding back, but what I also see is that what she’s giving herself permission to experience has to do with getting together with another woman.  

So I mention that I know it’s not really a man but another woman whom she’s going to meet. She’s shocked that I can tell and says, “Yes,” flinching as if this changes the way that I accept her. But it doesn’t because I’m glad to see her be herself.  

However, another person walking by overhears the conversation and puts a judgment on it. I say to them, “You don’t see what’s really going on.” As a consequence, this judgment created a contamination, inhibiting the natural way things were awakening. The situation became more self-consciousness and less carefree.

When you consider this dream, it’s interesting to remember the first dream (see In Touch with the Flow) where there was a knowingness that I could naturally access because I wasn’t affected by the limitations of others – by the collective consciousness that constrains them. In other words, I had a sense of knowing that suddenly opened up.

In this follow-up image, I’m given the information that one of the reasons this knowing is possible is because I’m able to set aside the things that dominate over the collective mind-set and keep things from opening up. It’s showing that I’m not subject to the same kind of biases (shown here as judgment about sexual orientation, but not specific to that issue).

So what I’m really doing is being true to myself. I’m not complying with the atmosphere and environment around me – I’m maintaining my own standards. As a result, I’m able to go beyond the indulgences that burden others and I’m able to access an inner bliss. My energy is able to soar, or rise up, and I can radiate that to others (the woman), as long as I don’t become self-indulgent in it. If I do, then the bliss I access can disappear.

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