Reversing the Direction

John: It’s the development process of a spiritual life that I’ve been shown through these recent dreams, and I think it’s worth restating what has been revealed (for the prior dreams in this sequence, see In Touch with the Flow, Out of the Collective Trance, The Ultimate Responsibility, and A Composite Being).

The first thing I have to recognize is that in order to be in touch with what I know, I have to let myself go in a particular way. I can’t be inhibited by the environment. I can know by the way something resonates in me whether it’s true or not – so I must follow my own inner guidance.

But in order to catch up with that guidance, I can’t have internal agitations bothering me because they’ll bias what I’m able to perceive. If that happens, then I’m not properly resonating with what lies within, as the fount of all knowledge, that I can access and bring through me.

So, the first step is letting go of personal biases, and the second part of the dreaming showed that to reach this I also need to be removed from the biases and limitations of the collective consciousness, which can hold this awakening back.

In other words, I have to be able to pull myself off to one side, while maintaining a certain focus and attention. If society or the culture is predominant in me, I won’t be able to break through because I’ll instead be caught by the mood and the tone of the environment around me, losing the focus to a depth inside, and to an inner listening that goes beyond even those depths – that goes into the bliss of something so much more.

The third aspect to all this is that I have to eventually get to the point where I can pull all of these inner states together. Otherwise, it’s just something that happens, that’s recorded, and then gets blanked out (forgotten) as I go into the outer during the course of the day. I have to somehow retain it, and incorporate it, such that I can live it, as a conduit for it into life.

In other words, a piece of this greater consciousness has awakened in me, to the point where I’m actually able to live in a manner that isn’t repressed or held back by inner defense mechanisms, or by outer conditioning and self-consciousness related to my environment.

To live it I have to recognize that what’s really happening is coming from a depth within. What’s happening in outer life is just a reflection of how I’m accessing what I’m accessing. Not being able to access it properly will also reflect itself in the outer environment, so I’m constantly changing and unfolding, changing and unfolding, based upon two qualities, the higher self and the lower self, in a refinement process.

We can easily observe moods, tones, mannerisms, and attitudes – in ourselves and others – and see them as a limiting factor, which biases how we’re able to perceive things. That’s our lower-self nature on display. But our higher-self nature has a certain freedom and light and joy and bliss and letting go that’s mostly unconscious to us. If we access that, it leads us to the opening up of a vast expanse.

In terms of being able to live something, we have to be able to have both the lower self and the higher self working together. We have to be able to see the signs of what’s changing in life. We have to see the signs on the horizon of the outer and understand their meaning, rather than taking the outer reality literally, as if that’s all there is and that’s all that’s real.  

When we’re able to do this, we’re able to see one being symptomatic of the other. In other words, we reverse the direction of the flow: instead of life flowing from the outer into the inner, it flows from the inner into the outer. That’s when our physical existence in Creation takes on a true quality, and is able to come closer and closer to what is Real – with many inner levels waking up.

Otherwise, we stay within the trance, or the outer dream, and we never get beyond it. We never realize that there’s something much more awaiting us, and that the outer dream is just the childish, mundane manifestation of reflections upon reflections. There’s nothing of any permanence or reality in it, and there never was and never will be. It’s the inner, which is a space and not a substance, that’s the true aliveness that we are meant to catch up with.

Of course, we can’t do this by discarding the outer world – our physical life. The spiritual journey is through the physical, so we have to go through all the inhibitions and mannerisms that we play out, and act out, and put in motion, and get ourselves tangled up in. We need to rid ourselves of our biases that contaminate, our judgments, and our need to constantly compare.

We have to do all that in order to reach an emptiness, or a letting go, so that this other, as a type of light, and openness, and bliss, can open up; so that we can learn to truly appreciate. We have to just be able to let it go, to take it in, and to flow with it.

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