Getting Into Life

Jeane: In the beginning, I’m in a large building where I’m going around and trying different elevators. I’m going up and down on different floors trying to figure out the right elevator to produce a certain effect.

I’m not sure I can tell you what that effect is, except that I can figure out what effect a certain elevator has on a person. I finally figure out which elevator goes up and down at a speed that works.

Because I’ve accomplished that, I then find myself at a university and a teacher has come and given me an assignment to help two new students (a man and a woman) whom I know. The man is in a fraternity. I don’t know if the woman is part of a sorority or not, but they are both having some trouble with adjusting to the university.

In fact, one of them is having a problem physically because of the stress at school. Because I figured out the elevator system, I know that I can meet with them and I can help them. If they know what elevator to go to, on what floor, and the speed it goes, then that will help them out physically as well as with any other stresses of adjustment.

First I see the man at his fraternity and have him pulled aside and we sit down. I think he knew I was assigned to help him, but there is a lot he hadn’t shared with other people about what was going on, so it feels like we talk for a bit.  

After that I meet with the woman. She also hadn’t told anyone of the stress she was having physically, so I explained what elevator she should be taking because I had figured out that system.

Now I will be meeting with each of them regularly. It may not always be easy for them, but I will give them some guidance on adjusting to university life.

John: The theme of this imagery has to do with how, in order to be able to do anything, or to make changes, or to pull anything together, you have to get into life. And you see yourself learning all of the variables by going up and down the elevators: different floors, different levels, different ways…

Jeane: Different speeds.

John: Yes, different speeds and all of that. Essentially when you use the term elevator, it’s symbolic for the breath. So you’re noticing different qualities of your breath, and it’s a breath in relation to how you feel about something, or come to understand it, because by taking and trying everything out you come to know how it all resonates in relation to a measuring device within, which is the heart.

They actually are correlated; the listening center of your heart and your breath are correlated. In order for you to realize or recognize anything, in order for you to get into life so to speak, you have to allow yourself to pay attention to that.

In paying attention to that you gain a certain insight because you know how circumstances are around you, how it all tends to vibrate or echo in you – based upon your having made and recognized, by delving into life, what the various things actually feel like on various levels, various speeds, and various ways of breathing.

So once you become fairly adept at that, you don’t get lost in it. In other words, it’s not taken for granted anymore. You know where the constant needs to be, and to start off you’re able to distinguish things for others. First it might be the masculine energy and then it might be the feminine energy, but eventually you work with both of them.

What you’re seeing is that, in order for this to happen, you have to allow yourself to be subject to everything that there is: all the levels, all the speeds, all the various ways of breathing. And you have to make a note inside you, on an energetic level, by the only part of you that knows how to measure things energetically – which is your heart – because your whole ability to be alive or have a presence in the physical body has to do with an energetic.

That energetic is held together by the breath: a breath that dips down into life and then goes back to a Home, and it keeps doing that, just enough to keep things going. Initially, in a life, it’s a great, great strain because we don’t know (we’re in a state of amnesia) what to make out of Creation, or what to make out of the Created or the Creator, when we go back (Home) with the in-breath.

But ultimately, if we come around and catch up with that, it is being in life. We’re not hiding from anything and we’re able to look at things exactly as they are. We’re no longer on this treadmill of bouncing around, taking on different personalities. We’re no longer searching for something but not knowing what we’re searching for.

So the dream is showing that you’ve taken it all, and you’ve gotten into it, so you’re now able to give response.

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