Tuned to What’s Coming

John: Okay, so I want to go back to the theme that we both dreamed last night, because it leads right in to my dream today, and it had to do with “getting into life.” And though our approaches were different, we both proceeded from the standpoint of utilizing, or awakening, aspects of ourselves that were dormant to make a change or a shift.

In my case, getting into life required me to find groundedness, in the sense of “getting my hands dirty” in the day-to-day nature of things (see Ready to Scream).

In Jeane’s case, it was the recognition of how things occur in relation to the breath, and the various levels and timings and all of that (see Getting in to Life). In her image she was recognizing what that means, in terms of being able to communicate the clarity of what one learns in Creation and then to carry that across into life.

That’s getting into life, so to speak, in two different ways. In mine, the masculine element has to seek grounding through involvement, rather than staying off the ground in its approach of just watching and reacting. And in Jeane’s, the feminine goes through the nuances of things to be able to make something that it understands, by its process, known in a greater way in the overall.

In my dream today, all that I perceived in my previous dream has been taken into account, in terms of how one needs to deal with things as one is addressing life. As I interact in this new (grounded) way, that too can lead to a normalcy (as an accepted pattern or approach). By that I mean that I, and everyone else around me, can get used to the changes that are based upon having, in my case, a more rooted grasp on life, and in your case, a clearer sight.

But these awakenings are just steps toward a deeper level. If this deeper level is not accessed, the recently gained level of awareness will become the new anesthetization, i.e., our familiarity will register it as “this is all there is.”

On a development journey we can’t just make an adjustment here and there to accommodate conditions on a day-to-day basis, because this isn’t taking into account what’s pent up, or building up, in the unexpected. It isn’t taking into account the needs of the future.

And if our hands are full just in catching up with being appropriate in the now, disaster looms outside of our awareness. It’s one thing to catch up to a rooted, day-to-day approach in life, but it’s another to have an acuity, or sensitivity, to something much greater that’s still pent up or about to happen.

So, in this dream I’m sitting in a village at the base of a large mountain. The village seems set in such a state of normalcy that it’s hard to awaken it. But I can see from where I sit that an avalanche is starting high up the mountainside.

It’s as if I can see it coming, even though it hasn’t yet arrived. I know it’s imminent, and I know that when it hits, all of the adjustments that have been made – in terms of getting into life and working on a day-to-day basis – are going to be meaningless because everything is going to be swept away.

This causes me to ponder what caused this dream image. I know a number of people who are making an effort to show greater compassion for the anxiety of Mother Earth because of all the recent upheavals (the tsunami, earthquakes, volcanoes, severe weather, etc). Way down deep, I feel that what we’ve seen is nothing compared to what’s coming.

Perhaps the intentions of people can have some degree of effect in a day-to-day manner – but I feel that that approach is not getting to the source of it all; it’s not connecting to the bigger picture. What I think is most important at this time is that we pay proper attention.

I know that there’s still a consequence to come: the Big One still lies ahead. But we, as a species, shouldn’t be going off on tangents that create distractions for us, because it will just cause us to lose focus. If we’re all looking off to the side, we’re not going to see what’s coming right at us. Or, by the time we do, it will be too late.

People on a spiritual path are making a right approach in terms of getting grounded and rooted and being able to communicate a certain inner sight (the examples shown in the prior dreams). That’s important. But we also have to embrace, support, and be attuned to the big avalanche that’s coming. Because it’s coming, in part, for us. Like a real avalanche, we can either flow with it, or be buried by it.

In my dream, I see this big avalanche coming and I notice that the adjustments that are made in the town on a day-to-day basis are only good enough to deal with an average incident. But this avalanche is going to be significantly greater in impact. I automatically see myself fast-forwarding to see if I can account for what will take place.

But the problem I have is, even if I do see what will happen, “What about everyone else who’s a split second too late, or who’s anesthetized by how things appear? What about that?” And that’s when I wake up.

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