A Game of Light

Today we offer you the dream analysis in two forms: audio and written word. It is our hope that being able to hear the rhythm and vocal emphasis of the audio recording will offer a different approach, and a different way to get inside the meaning of this work. Sometimes it’s easier to grasp meaning when we can hear the subtleties of the voice.



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Jeane: I have a little more trouble remembering dreams in which I’m a guy and I’m pretty sure I am masculine in this dream. The main theme is that there is a power source within that is circular in shape and metallic; people had this power source within and it seemed to control them in certain ways.

I was figuring out how to disengage them from that power source and then you could install another power source but I realized that other people around me wanted to install another power source that would give them even more control over people.

I was trying to find a way to disconnect from that and put in a power source where you weren’t controlled.

That’s the best I can remember the dreams.

John: You’re making the typical distinction that people make in terms of correlating or working with inner and outer. In other words, because there is something that is faster and there is something that is slower you’re tending to think that there are different power sources. Yet if there’s a Oneness, it all has to be the same.

Creation was created through sound. However, are sound and light really different? They’re just at different states is all. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It can be put into a different state. You can take light and shape it into form and that then is realized directly as sound. Or you could take sound and speed it up and it goes back into light. They are always actually just one and the same.

What was happening is you’re presented with the conundrum inside of yourself to sort out. In order to… how did you put it? In order to affect something you had to find something that was faster?

Jeane: No, there was this wheel and it was the same shape in everyone. It was very bright and shiny and golden and it had different components.It seemed like if you could change the components around you weren’t controlled by some wheels.

Sometimes when people changed the wheel they would change the components such that someone was still controlled and you didn’t really free yourself up because you would just change from one form of control to another. So I was trying to find a wheel that left one free.

John: Okay, so you saw it correctly. It’s just how you interpreted that was not correct. You saw that it’s all one wheel and you saw how it is that you take and you realize the Oneness. If you’re only looking at things with your senses and in the physical format, it’s going to appear different than when you look with your inner eye.

Yet you’re in Creation and, at the same time, you are all that there is. How do you work with that wheel knowing that you don’t ever really create anything? You just change the form of the energy.

Technically, if you were to apply what you saw in the overall, if you were to bring in the spirit energy of the masculine, you would have arrived at the same conclusions that I arrived at. But in terms of pondering this using certain physical faculties, it’s easy to draw the conclusion that somehow in the physical there’s something missing, or separate, that needs to be brought in that exists somewhere else.

It only seems that way based upon the veils that we carry. Ideally, there is perfect synchronicity. The inner and the outer come together as one. The outer exists simply because the light was transformed by taking it into sound, such that the spirit energy therein, instead of remaining as a light, became something imbedded in matter – and therefore hidden.

When brought back out it’s not been destroyed. It’s not been in any way, shape, or form diminished. It remains whole, so there really isn’t anything going on as a consequence then, other than the fact that there is the illusion of time that is caused by the fact that one has to try to untangle the veils. There are so many layers and levels of perception that can be viewed as multiplicities of veils, that we (in terms of layering all of that together), appear to be going through time.

It’s just like on a TV set where you have the appearance of a flow of a screen of events of a movie taking place, if you go back and you look at how it was really put together it’s just a whole bunch of little pixels of light and those dots then get moved, in other words redrawn, so that it appears to create a movement. But really looking at it in a way of seeing it just as light, you would realize that it’s only the play of the reflection that creates the appearance of movement, and of a movie that has fallen out over a sequence of time.

It’s put together as just a whole bunch of pixels of little light dots. The more you create, or appear to create or access, the brighter the picture. Thus, so to speak, we go back and forth. When we become denser we go back more into veils of the spirit energy – in the matter of things  – that would have to respond through the senses that are oriented to understand the energy of sound which goes slower in that state.

But then when that sound could be quickened, it goes from a pace that is merely a state with veils, back towards, and to, pure light. Ideally, if you have a one-to-one correspondence you have synchronicity in which what happens in the outer is always perfectly, time-wise, correlated to the inner – meaning then that energy never changes or is transformed.

It only appears to be that way because we play the game of inner and outer, or light and sound. The distinction is the distinction that we make with our senses in terms of perception that works through the faculties that are oriented towards sound – and not yet oriented to the higher-self quality of a spirit energy that exists in light.

The whole discovery is to see that the game is one of light. In other words, whatever is God as having placed Itself in a state as sound and that then creates a sense of motion, and time, and flow, when ideally what he started with was pure light. However it’s sound that comes first to create Creation, and then the light becomes the realization because it was from that that Creation was formed or shaped. Did you have more?

Jeane: It felt like my main theme was how do you do something that leaves you most free.

John: Yeah, how do you awaken from that? How does that awakening process work? One of the things that makes that awakening process difficult is we’re constantly seeing that there’s something going on outside of us. That’s how we perceive it.

In other words, we exist in some sort of limited way because we’re using our faculties and our senses and deep down we know that there is something so much more.

The question then becomes, how is it possible for us to access that so much more? And in that access it does seem that we are reaching to something that is more than what we are – as if we’re gaining more energy.

Yet all we’re doing is transforming the state of sound back to light, or when we get all beat up and get all confused and our thinking doesn’t work very well and we lose our sense of inner spatiality, moods hit and then we’re taking and going back into the density. We’re going back into trying to sort something out with sound.

We go back and forth. That’s the dance of being in a human body is that it is designed or shaped to play with form, and yet it can go all the way back to not being the motion picture on the screen but the pixels of light from which it came.

Well, I’m doing the same thing in my dream. I’m looking at how an energetic I carry influences the inner and the outer simultaneously. In other words, the difference is that I see it as simultaneous. I somehow or another am able to break away the difference between the senses, or of the light and the sound, and therefore you can see it simultaneously.

Well, that’s a bit of a paradox because everyone knows that light moves faster than sound. I notice this by observing that the kundalini energy is able to affect both levels equally. It’s just constantly there. That’s a constant. There’s so much of it affecting on the outer and there’s so much affecting on the inner, and that’s a constant and they work. To that degree that is the thread that pulls the two together.

So in the outer I notice that there is a passion or manner that I carry, with a conviction, that shapes the image. In other words, that’s why I go about and I do what I do; I’m working with an aspect of kundalini energy that way – an outer Kundalini energy that has a magnetic quality to it – and the awareness from within enables me to observe that the inner flow dictates the outer reflection.

In other words, as you’re becoming conscious you notice this and when the two come together the result has a synchronicity or a simultaneousness to it.

The way I saw this, an aspect of the way I saw it, or my mind created it as a symbol, is I’m observing a race in which these two states cross the finish line. They cross it at exactly the same time. I mean, you can’t tell who won the race.

The outer may look all twisted around (that is how the image was – it suddenly hit the finish line stumbling backwards), but it’s in an absolute total dead heat hitting the finish line at exactly the same moment as the inner (or as something awakens, that is, in terms of the spirit energy, coming into its full recognition of spirit energy).

In other words, you have to take and break this apart a bit, where spirit energy is all of manifestation or all of Creation. It’s everything, and therefore it is not in any physical shape or form because it covers and exists in the space of an aliveness between the objects and also the spirit energy is imbedded in objects and therefore seems to be lost (only seems to be).

Seeing that there is this simultaneous quality, it is just that our perceptions are what are skewed – it’s an important realization. It means that when the inner comes into the outer, “yes a quickening occurs,” and “yes the barriers fall away,” but what a human being is able to realize when both are put together, as one, is that there is something about the inner that is correlated to an instantaneous reflection in the outer.

Until this dream, I didn’t know what it meant when I was told that the inner and the outer are one. I also knew that the inner influences the outer. The issue is a matter of how succinctly the spirit energy of the whole touches the spirit energy imbedded in matter.

In other words, the whole being more of something that is just pure light. Of course you have to shape it, or bring it forth, out of sound in order for it to have a physical quality or trait to it. A connection that is misaligned, meaning where you have veils such that you’re only orienting towards the physical, seems slower and is slower in that the spirit energy, which in the masculine is as a pure light (if the masculine was pure that is), and the spirit energy of the feminine, which is imbedded in matter, are actually one and the same.

It’s just that one resonates a sound and the other resonates as a type of quickened light. But ideally both sound and light are one and the same. They are just energies of two different levels. Light can be turned into sound. Sound can be inflected into light. This is how the paradox is to be understood.

To the mind, light is faster than sound, so it seems that the inner and outer remain separate from each other as energetics. However, the light is directed as sound in order to shape the light as physical manifestation. When the light in matter is perfectly reflected back – in other words arises as the spirit energy from being trapped in matter – you’re back to one and the same.

As science has established, energy is never created or destroyed, so the idea of death, or energy getting used up, is an illusion. Energy simply changes form and appearance, in other words, goes into a light, or veils itself more into sound and seems to be in a lesser state in Creation.

The veils, and how energy exists in its pure form, if removed, reveal the truth. There lies the Oneness. Light shaped as physical manifestation is veiled from its pure form. Those veils fall away, little by little, as consciousness quickens – even though a human being doesn’t notice this with the physical faculties.

Nevertheless, there is a natural synchronicity that is simultaneous. The so-called difference is the time in between that our physical veils reflect – as if that is real – and therein lies the confusion.

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