Lady Madonna

Jeane: In my dream last night, I was with a man and we were studying different rooms, i.e., how they opened up, and how you could travel across them.

The rooms seemed to be lined up in a circle. As we entered to cross the rooms, they all seemed to unfold differently. One room in particular seemed to have a large archway that went across it, which created a certain height.

After we looked at all the rooms, we had a discussion about which one was the fastest to get across. We concluded that it was the room with the arch because the height allowed us to go through faster.  

I also feel like I had a dream in there – I don’t know if it was the same place, or in one of the rooms, or afterward – but I know there was a train and a little animal but I couldn’t pull out that dream.  

Then I woke up with the refrain from the song “Lady Madonna” running through my head: “Lady Madonna, children at her feet. Wonder how…” I seemed to know the rest of the refrain in my sleep, but I just was repeating it or listening to it over and over.

John: What you’re describing is the ability to recognize where something has more possibility, based on the way it feels and in terms of its shape. You’re taking note of how everything around you resonates, which for the feminine is registered as an overall sense without specific details. For the masculine, that same resonance would be depicted through something specific (less overall).

For the feminine it’s just a quality that feels good. It’s just a quality that feels right. It’s a quality that carries with it a knowingness and an awareness. In other words, when you see the room with the high arch you know that that’s the more revealing direction to go in. You’re not quite seeing energy lines, but the arch represents something like that, based on recognizing how something in the overall communicates, or comes across, just by the way that it’s shaped or formed or feels.

In the final aspect of your dreaming you take it to the ultimate where you use the word “Madonna,” which could be said to represent the principle of the overallness. The Madonna has a vibration that reaches out over everything in her environment. When you reach out to everything in your environment, and you have a sense and a pulse and a feel of it as part of your nature, everything is like “children at your feet.”

Everything is there, and for something to be at your feet it means they’re part of you. They may not have the stature of overallness that you have to carry and embody (i.e., they are relatively children), but you find them within your heart so to speak, so they are at your feet. I was trying to remember how the rest of that line went, too.

It’s one of those psychedelic songs that indicates that whatever is being described in specific detail, also has something to do with you – it relates to you in a universal way. And you know that, only you have an even bigger perspective in the overall, by which you’re actually able to take in the whole on behalf of all the rest.

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