Finding a Way In

Jeane: This next dream actually had a rather fun feeling to it (this dream is connected to the previous dream: see More to Come).

In it, I’m a man. I’m at the top of a really long sand dune that seems almost the length of a mountain. Midway down is a small, dark, round object like a boulder.

At the bottom of the hill is a woman that I’m interested in, but she doesn’t really know me. The way I’m going to get this woman’s attention is to roll a small object I have down the hill.

As the object rolls down the hill, it hits the dark object in the middle, and the dark object in the middle continues down and bumps the woman.

Then it feels like the chase is on, but I know she’s already mine. The dream had a delightful feeling to it – a delightful energy.

John: What you’re describing is that you’re taking a particular spirit energy, which is like a projectile (like the masculine), and it’s coming down. It’s hitting another object and then it’s through that other object that it makes contact, or there’s an impact made, with the feminine.

That’s actually a very deep and amazing dream, because the light, in this case masculine, can’t come all the way down into life directly. It would be too much. Because it can’t come straight down and through, the light has to bounce off of things that act as resistors, or barriers, almost as a type of protection. That gives the space for a person to allow themselves to sense what’s behind the scenes, in a way that they can process it, where they can then reach a really, really deep and meaningful insight.

Where does this insight come from? Well, it comes, somehow, from not identifying too much with one’s surroundings (taking it all too personally), and being able instead to utilize one’s surroundings, and what they portray, to image something important that’s unfolding within.

In other words, what’s important is behind an event. It’s often said that if you’re listening to a teacher, the words themselves are less important than what is behind them. It’s the vibration and frequency that comes with the words that has the more profound effect on a person’s life.

You could say that a vibration always has to manifest in some way. As the vibration comes through, it is moderated by what it comes in contact with, i.e., it bounces off things, causing a variety of effects and corresponding results.

If a human is in tune with that, it enables a type of synchronicity, whereby something can emerge, or be known, or come to pass. That’s a dynamic that requires a person to truly get out of the way, because otherwise such a dynamic can be right in front of us and we still won’t get it.

I mean, we might say, oh, that’s very interesting, and put it into some sort of spiritual context. But are we recognizing and acknowledging that it invokes, and implies, something even more?

Here we are in Egypt, where everything could point us to something more that’s awakening. Yet the way of things here makes it almost impossible to appreciate the subtleties. Everywhere we turn, people are trying to hustle us for money and we’re constantly surrounded. It’s shameless.

In other words, they don’t even get this incredible power of the past they live in the midst of. Everything they do veils this energy, or keeps others from being able to close the gap between where they are in themselves and what’s here at a deeper level.

I’m still in a state of shock over our guide. He knows the script and the words, but in that regard he’s part of the problem, not the solution. He’s part of keeping things dumbed down. What needs to happen on this journey is a kind of new epiphany, but it’s not going to happen in any kind of format that can be laid out in a one, two, or three sense (as shown in your dream yesterday). That’s not the answer, so one ends up just staying confused.

The aliveness of this land has been really hard to sort out. These merchants and kids and everyone running around taking advantage of the delirium of things, in a roundabout way they’re telling us, just by their mannerisms, that the aliveness isn’t there. The idea of people clamoring for this and clamoring for that… it gets to the point where they have absolutely no inner light at all.

So I think your dreams have been a reflection of this situation on our trip through Egypt. There is an aliveness to be discovered and connected to here, but there are too many veils put in the way. Your first dream didn’t quite find the answer, and your second dream showed that the light that wants to come through is too potent to come through directly. The light and energy needs to be moderated into life by people and places, but for this to be possible, everyone needs to let go of their material attachments and their marketplace mentality, and let it come through.

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