An Eye on the Ball

John: In this dream, I’m in a circle of people and we’re throwing an object back and forth. The way the object is being thrown back and forth is kind of haphazard. It isn’t being thrown with much firmness or direction.

Something about this must bother me because suddenly I stand in front of a person and block them. It’s like I change the dynamic by stepping further into the circle.

Now the object is being thrown back and forth much more directly and with greater authority. For the most part, I see myself throwing this object to the same woman directly across from me, but every once in a while I throw it to a man to the left. I don’t ever look at him directly, so he’s always caught off-guard by the throw.

In the dream, it’s always the same person, over and over again, and each time the object hits him right in the chest because he believes I’m going to throw it in another direction. It surprises him every time, and it surprises me as well, that the throw is so direct.

At one point, the woman I throw it to mentions that when I stepped out into the circle I blocked out the person behind me. He’s still directly behind me, but I can hardly see him. I say to her, “Try and throw it past me.”

As soon as I say this, her throws can barely reach me. I have to stretch out because the object is no longer thrown with the same firmness. Everything seems weaker as I have to stoop to catch it.

So now I have to wind up like I’m really going to blast it at her – I even have a fierce look. I’m going through all the wind-up motions, like “Boy, oh boy, here it comes,” but then when I throw it right at her it goes, instead, straight to the same guy, hitting him in the chest and taking him completely by surprise (again).

This dream occurred after I had set aside a few prior dreams.

In one of them, I see myself looking, one at a time, at each person in a group (these are people I know in real life). With every look I’m able to see them distinctly; I can see who they are, or what they are meant to be.

In other words, I’m able to appreciate each person as they are, which surprises me because I can tell that, in my waking life, I still have an opinion of them, in the sense of how they relate, the way they focus, and how they use their energy, etc.

Then there’s a dream where we’re at a birthday party. I have the bizarre image of a rag doll being constructed from scratch. Actually, it was a pretty doll, very artistic, when it was done. It was inanimate and yet it had become an interesting image to look upon. There seemed no action or purpose to it, so I have no idea what this image meant.

But I do see how the meanings of the first two dreams I described have combined. In the first image, I’m coming out more with my power. Not only do I have a greater effect when I do this, but I can catch other people unaware (of course, these people represent other parts of me). I try to exercise my power anyway (stepping forward in the circle), but it’s still a shock.

This shock affects the sight, which is the feminine way of inner knowing (the masculine way is hearing), and its corresponding expectation. So the receptive side is weakened (the woman in the circle, feminine) when I step in front of someone to change the dynamic.

So the combination of these two dreams shows the action dynamic behind seeing, and appreciating, everything for what, and how, it is, and it shows me where I am in that process. In other words, it’s not a smooth transition in the first part, but in the second I’m starting to see more clearly.

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