Lost in Transition

Jeane: In this dream, you’re living in one of those old brownstones in New York City. The building has little narrow stairs and there are apartments off the hallways. Your apartment is downstairs and I’m going over there to see you. 

We’ve just gotten back from Egypt and we have to go out somewhere else. A man who seems like the landlord shows up to give me a ride part way; he drives his car down the steps and then back up and I don’t know if he’s going to let me out of the car.

I finally get out of the car and walk toward your place. I pick up a comic book: Nicholas Cage is on the cover and it seems to be about how he would handle extremists or something.

As I’m standing there a friend of mine, who’s a mystery writer, comes down the stairs. He and his wife live on the top floor of the building. We’re shocked to see each other in the same building where you live.

I tell him we’ve just returned from Egypt. He says, “Come on up, I want to hear all about it.” I say, “My boyfriend lives downstairs and I have to go get him.”

I realize he hasn’t given me his apartment number, but I figure the more important thing is to go downstairs and find you. I assume we’ll just find his place when we get upstairs.

That’s about all I could pull out. It’s night time in this dream, too.

John: So you have a sense of being caught between places and disconnected a little bit?

Jeane: I think so.

John: You’re back from Egypt and you’re excited about things. The landlord is driving you up and down. I live downstairs in a building and a mystery writer lives upstairs.

The mystery writer is a figure that can pull the pieces of a puzzle together. And there’s a Nicholas Cage comic book about some radical group that he seems to know how to handle.

In the meantime, though, you want to make the connection with me before you go back and explain what’s going on in Egypt.

So, what’s the question here? You have a question, or you’re trying to probe something in order to reach a greater understanding. And there’s an out-of-control, radical element that needs to be explained or dealt with. Something in your perspective is critical of something else, and you’re critical because there isn’t enough information.

This is a lot of action to contain, so you’re applying a container energy, which is a feminine approach, to try to take into account all of the energetic variables. You’re not sure if there’s something wrong or not. There could be something radical to it, but you just don’t have enough information. You just have to make the connection.

There’s the overlord of the place. There’s a mystery about it. There’s the handling of something that’s radically different and all of that seems to need something. How does it leave you? Does it leaves you feeling sort of odd?

Jeane: Yes.

John: Do you feel kind of saddened or wounded? Normally you carry kind of an elation or joy, even if something has you angry or disturbed. There’s still that in you. This almost has a type of despair to it. Is that the right word?

Jeane: Well maybe. I don’t know. It’s kind of an ache.

John: Like something has been broken or torn?

Jeane: No, like something is inflamed, that would be a better way to say it.

John: Well, I’m thinking that you’re searching for a way to bring all of these variables down and ground them, i.e., pull them all together.

The images here sweep fast and furious, just as when you make dramatic changes in your life, such as a lot of traveling. When all these energies come rushing in and affect your nature, it can knock you off of your natural stability. So you have to contend with all the things that have gotten away from their particular equilibrium.

It’s not as though you mind everything being out of balance, it’s just a lot to have to take into account. And, the question is, how do you feel about that? Well, the way you evaluate something like that is to feel it in your body, in terms of your spirit energy. Are you energized or exhausted? Do you feel brighter or somewhat dimmer?

Shifts like these can take a toll, and the easiest way to handle them so that they don’t is to try to bring everything closer in; if it’s closer, you’re safer, and you’re protected. Because it’s the distance from your self that has you disoriented, and you have to expend effort and energy to accommodate that gap in terms of containing the overall.

So this image shows that you haven’t quite pulled it all together. The closeness pulls it together, makes it alive, and gives it the magic. That’s how it works, through a connection, while the full awareness is still beneath the surface of your consciousness.

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