Uncharted Territory

Jeane: In my first dream last night I’m just wandering around Egypt. There isn’t much remarkable about it. I’m just looking around and mostly I’m in the desert…

John: That’s a good image, because you’re walking in a big expanse, which shows an opening up. The question is, can you sustain that larger expanse?

Jeane: The next dream was about a woman who I saw in the form of a friend of mine’s wife, who’s from the Philippines. In the image she’s seeking to move more inland, rather than be on the coast. At first I think she’s just visiting, but then I realize she’s looking for a job.

I become involved in helping her look for the job, driving her to interviews or otherwise helping her check things out. I have some concern about whether someone might take advantage of her – she can be very naïve and innocent.

John: It seems like what you’re doing through these images is taking a step back. You begin by wandering around in the expanse of the desert, and if that’s a process of letting go, it’s also very heartful. Then you’re seeking to move from the coast to a more inland area, which implies a process of going within.

There’s a reason you would do that. How does it feel to you?

Jeane: Well, the nature of this woman (in real life) is that she’s a bit timid. She doesn’t like adventure too much. She likes something that feels secure, so in the dream I’m trying to assist her in finding that security.

John: Okay, so you begin in the great expanse, but an aspect of you (also feminine, in the form of the friend) is a bit out of its element and needs some safety.

Jeane: In the next image I’m young and going to a new school. There’s a boy there who’s not too happy about having girls in the school, or about following the rules. When I see him getting out of line with something, or encroaching on space that’s not really his, or taking something that doesn’t belong to him, I correct it.

I don’t go running to the authorities or anything, but I do something that corrects it. I push back a bit because I know it’s not quite right.

Then he takes something of mine and throws it. He tries to hide it. Well, I go right to a certain spot and dig a bit, and I find some coins and things that he’s trying to hide. I turn around and look at him.

Off to the side, in an area that just looks like dirt, I break off some pieces and show him a huge expanse of crystals underneath the surface.

John: Interesting. You’re trying to figure out how it feels to take on the role and responsibility involved in the greater expanse (first image). It’s like a process of feeling something out that you’ve never done before. The initial image was the current you, the second image showed the feminine in a naïve way with you helping, and now you see both the masculine and feminine as children, in a scene that allows you to explore the expanded role without too much risk.

In other words, in your life you’ve developed a certain inner space that you feel comfortable with, but now you’ve entered a catalytic situation (our Egypt trip) where you have more things to contend with. You’re testing yourself to see if you can hold this greater inner space.

On this Egypt trip we have worked with a teacher whose energy has, in a sense, given us the safety to extend ourselves beyond our usual inclination. What happens is that we get a glimpse, or a taste, of these expanded inner regions, but then we must pull back a bit to ensure the safety of our inner domain.

We have to be able to hold our heartfulness in the expanded domain, or it’s not safe. If we think of our inner selves as a personal kingdom, how much territory can we safely hold? Or, how much area can we give appropriate care and cover to (heartfulness)? So our inner expansion must be at a pace that we, individually, can handle.

So what this series of images show is that you’re playing both sides of the issue: the part of you that likes extending (you in the desert, the young girl in control), and the part of you that has its home base (the safe girl heading for the interior, the boy who resists change). You’re able to see how much of this new territory is sustainable.

There’s the quality of you going out there and dealing with something that’s a bit reckless (wild frontiers) and trying to bring it into a cadence, or a balance. How successfully you do that is revealing and, ultimately, you’re able to uncover the hidden crystals, which shows you have access to even more “ hidden treasure.”

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