A Deeper Station

Jeane: The first part of my dream feels like it takes place with a tour guide and the group we’re with in Egypt. Whatever we’re trying to do, and pull together, and get done – in the dream – is kind of flirting on the edge of becoming like a Bollywood movie – you know, way over the top with a lot of things going on at once.

But it’s almost like it can’t help but become a bit of that, just to try and get a large group to move from one place to another. 

Then there’s this huge shift…

John: So… Bollywood is a fantasy style of filmmaking from India that’s known for singing, dancing, and a type of levity and joy. It’s over-the-top, and high energy. You’re looking to see what can be pulled together from a larger group (expanse), but not get so over the top.

So basically, in your dream, you’re wondering how to work with this expanded energy, right?

Jeane: It seems like I want to work with the energy, but not have it become like a Bollywood extravaganza.

John: Yes, what you’re describing is an effort to shape the process as new energies come through. This is similar to your experience in the dream Uncharted Territory, where you are trying to accommodate, and adapt to, and manage an expansion of your established energetic state.

The process of spiritual development is one where the more we’re able to let go of our personal attachments, our psychological patterns, and surrender to our inner connections and inner guidance – our higher self – the more we can expand into the Oneness of all things. That’s basically what it means to surrender our life and gain the whole of Creation.

So we have been on a journey through Egypt with a group of like-minded people and a spiritual teacher. This situation has allowed us to open up in dramatic ways, but with that opening, or expansion, we have to maintain our equilibrium. And that struggle to maintain an inner balance, while new aspects open up within, is what you’ve been dealing with in your dreams.

That’s why I say that this dream, with an image of a Bollywood-type energy ready to break out, is an effort to shape this inner process. You don’t want to lose the naturalness you’ve gained, but you also don’t want to limit what’s trying to come through you into life. It’s a delicate balance, and one that we constantly refine as we develop.

This naturalness, as a type of flow, arises from within and from a clear connection, and leads to reflecting something that’s important into life, in terms of Creation. Only when these energies come through a human being can they come down and touch all of life.

But your dream also touches on a point just prior to that: it backs up to the Nothingness. It sees an excitement and viability that comes down into Creation, but just prior to that is the Nothingness from which that emerges. This is a state of complete quiet and emptiness, and from that emerges something that goes out and touches life in this way and that.

So you’ve identified how one has to go all the way back to the Nothingness, wherein lies the mystery between the flow and the process. When you go back to that Nothingness, you’re actually going back from where you came; you’re going back to union, which is a Nothingness. And yet, if God is in love with his Creation, and he longs to see it and to know it, then thoughts of God come as a flow, which then evolves.

But how can that evolve, and still be totally natural – without hitting barriers that cause defense mechanisms, which then cause misalignment? We can’t be running this flow through any kind of filter. It needs to come through naturally and, when it does, it’s seen as innocent and uncontaminated and it touches all who perceive it and it changes things.

So, prior to the Bollywood excitement is the Nothingness, which is a deeper state, or a deeper station. The point of a dream like this is to show you that you need to hold the Nothingness. In outer life there is the flair and the wonderfulness (Bollywood), but that’s just on a level of God to man. On the level of man back to God, in which we really and truly are as God’s image, then it’s closer to the Nothingness. It’s a dynamic that’s constantly at play, and the human must learn to navigate it.

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