Safety in Containment

Jeane: Then the dream shifts and I find myself back home (from Egypt) in a large stadium (for the first part of this dream, see A Deeper Station). I’m with an exercise group led by a physical trainer. There’s a platform and people are sitting on it. The trainer is speaking to a group of civic leaders and they’re talking about his training program.

Because I’m suddenly there – I’m shocked to be there – he wants me to come up on stage to use me as an example. I’d prefer if he used someone else because I’m still trying to get oriented.

John: Okay, so the earlier image in the dream showed that you felt at risk of the energy expressing in an over-the-top “Bollywood” way. Now you’ve gone back to a more manageable setting – you’ve returned home from Egypt and you’re with a group of people you’re familiar with.

You still find yourself in a big arena, though, so you’re seeking to give outer expression to what has opened up inside you, but you still have some reticence as you re-orient and re-balance yourself in your expanded state.

Now, the whole key here is the part of you that’s excited, the part of you that’s quickened. In other words, you’ve taken this prior dream where there’s the Nothingness state and the “Bollywood” state and now this image is taking you to a refinement of that. You’re looking at where the excitement is and you need to look at that in terms of how you are, and who you are, in terms of what moves you.

For example, there’s something natural in you that loves to share what you’ve learned or accessed. So you have a natural desire to tell people about your experiences, whether on an inner level or in terms of this trip to a different part of the world.

And what these images show is recognition by you, and acceptance, that you are carrying this expanded space inside and you want to offer it to the world. That’s truly how the world changes: by humans holding a space in themselves to make new things possible.

It’s really an amazing discovery: you have connected with the emptiness, yet this new energetic also causes a type of delirium (a “Bollywood” effect). In between the emptiness and the Bollywood expression, something new is quickening in your nature – something is coming alive.

What has come alive is triggered by an aspect of kundalini energy, which is the energetic connection that awakens something in us. This type of energy, if you suppress it, can become sterile and inert. But if you’re able to carry it, and recognize it for what it is, i.e., not be consumed by it in the sense of it expressing in an over-the-top Bollywood way, and just let it flow through you, what you’re actually doing is changing Creation.

In other words, the essence that has awakened feels to you inside like an excitement. If you indulge in that excitement, meaning you let it express through you as a personalized, ego-based experience, then you sadden something at a deeper inner level, which is the Nothingness.

The sadness comes because any personal indulgence shuts off the linkage and connection to the emptiness. Said another way, the awakening comes from letting go of the personal and connecting to the universal. If your reaction then is to take that new energetic as your own, rather than an aspect of the Divine trying to come through you, you’ll expend it in some arbitrary fashion and disconnect yourself from the source of it.

It’s a fine line. The Nothingness arises in a person as an electrical or energetic vibration. The human is meant to give that Divine energy expression in the physical world, but as an impersonal act of service into life. That’s where we humans go off course: we think the poems are ours, the dances are ours, the songs are ours, but they’re not. They are what we, as individuals, express into life because of the energies we process.

We’ve all had the experience: we are in need of something, asking the universe for help, and open to all possibilities. Then we receive a great insight that provides a solution or guidance for us, and we immediately think we are the genius, and thereby lose the connection that brought us the insight.

The human has been designed by God to give expression to the manifold potentials and possibilities in Creation. We fulfill the promise of our design when we provide that service into physical life. However we separate ourselves from the Divine, and lose our natural connections to Creation, when we become possessive of what is given.

So you are wrestling with this process: what has awakened wants a natural expression through you, yet you know that you need to be in a balanced state before you can offer it through. These images show you are making the effort to give what has awakened containment, providing the safety first, so that you can then give it expression from a deeper inner place.

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